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Millennial Living provides very specific advice on all aspects of remodeling, energy and home decoration. Our visitors are young women who attend or graduated college. These women are often key decision makers in their homes. They do their research, are interested in objective advice and are quick to praise or criticize a product or service. Win them as customers and they will praise you and spread the word to their friends.

Blog Writing

The Line between Content and Advertising is blurring according to SEO Sponsored blog posts and sponsored content features will be hotter in 2013. So what does that mean for you the business owner who has a website? It means you really need a blog and actually have a choice or how you spend your advertising dollars. You can blog or you can use traditional adverising. We offer both.

At Millennial Living, we have never spent a dime on advertising. All of our web traffic came from writing articles and blogging. It took time to develop a following, but despite a terrible economy and remodeling in a tail spin, we have grown. After publishing over 1,500 articles and blog posts on remodeling, decor, going green and energy, we're ready to work with you and write blog posts for your website. 

Our programs are flexible and will allow you to do what you do best- run your business. We take care of the writing and mazimize your content by using the best meta tags to promote your content to search engines and social media like twitter, facebook and pinterest.

We can design programs that suit you and your budget. For example, the first step in blogging is to set how often each week you want to blog and then make sure you deliver on your promise. The second step is decide on the quality of the blog post. We make that easy--- we are not into low quality blog posts that add nothing of value for your audience. In fact, Google's new search algorithm will penaize your site for such content so keep that in mind if you shop other services.

So what will blogging cost? 

Here are a few examples. For $196 per month, we'll prepare two blogs each week that will be no less than 700 words each. We'll embellish those posts with photos, add search meta tags, and deliver the post to you. For $98 a month will do the same thing, only provide you one biog post each week. 

Not sure you'll like us or the service? Let us prepare a single post for $55. If you like it and want to continue with a monthly program, then we'll credit your $55 towards that program. 

You may think that the costs a a bit high, but good writing takes time, research and good people. We have what it takes.

Direct Advertising Fees

We also offer traditonal advertising directly to product and service vendors:

  • Text link ads- $25 per link per month for most pages, except the Home page and the top 10 Most Popular Articles
  • Text links on Home page- $35 per link per month
  • Sponsorship Links Text or Image ad on Topic Pages (for example under Bathrooms, Kitchen, Energy, etc.)- $100 per month 
  • Sponsorship Links Text or Image ad on Home Page-$200 per month
  • Partner- your text ad or image ad on every page $400 per month

    Minimum term of 3 months on the above advertisements payable once ad runs via PayPal. Discounts available if you sign on for six months or more.

Advertisement via Google

We welcome your advertisement via Google Ad Words or directly through us. Our most popular Adsense ads appear right above each story and  also right below the title of every article or blog post. We also offer Adsense ads after the body of a post and in the middle of longer posts. All of our Adsense ads are images/text ads.

Contact us to explore the possibilities.