The Advantages of Granite Tabletops

There are many tabletop styles to choose from these days. Wood and glass, round and square. Some expand to accommodate more people and then retract to seat just a few. Some have storage built into them. Granite tabletops may not be as publicized as other styles, but granite is just as good a choice for your dining room or kitchen table. Let's look at the granite tabletops themselves and why granite is a good choice for this function.

Granite as a Tabletop
Granite tabletops come in different cuts and sizes. They will often come with a base and are ready to use. Granite tabletops are certainly elegant enough to rest in a dining room but will dress up a kitchen or attached eating area just as well. You may also consider using granite as a desktop in a home office. This may especially be a good addition if you work from home. You'll get the sense of being in a separate work area that may make it easier to leave the cares of home aside. Wherever a granite tabletop would work best in your home, consider some of the reasons you should add one:

Functional. Granite, while undeniably beautiful, is a solid rock. Cut from the sides of mountains in various parts of the world, granite is second to diamonds in strength. So you can sequester a granite table in the dining room for special occasions, or you can enjoy it everyday in your main eating area. It will never hurt for the use.

Low-Maintenance. Don't let the shine fool you; granite needs very little caretaking. All you have to do is wash it down with mild soap and water everyday to keep it brilliant. Rub it down with a little stone cleaner for good measure once in a while and wipe up spills. Other than that, your granite tabletop shouldn't require much else. At the most, it may need to be resealed after a few years or if you notice that water no longer beads up on it. But really, it needs just about as much cleaning as wood or glass.

Good Investment. Granite just about lasts forever. This is wonderful for countertops or bath vanities as it adds value to your home. But unfortunately it can travel with you should you move. A tabletop, on the other hand, can go with you when you leave. It will be a long-lasting investment for you personally. And if you rent your home, this may be a golden opportunity to put some granite in your design when you can't renovate otherwise.

You may be able to think of other factors that make granite a great tabletop, or desktop, choice. Granite's functionality, low-maintenance cleaning, and investment properties are just three. Remember that the dining room is not the only place for one. Even if you're living space is small and there's one eating area, granite is still a great option for a dining table. It's one way to take it with you when you move, whether you own or rent. So when you start shopping for a new dining table, look into granite tabletops instead.

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