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Millennial Living® provides free remodeling and decoration tips and advice to help home owners so they can: 

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Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Millennial Living also independently reviews products and services related to remodeling, home improvement, decoration and energy and can write guest blogs on these topics.

Most of our community members come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia and the Philippines. So you'll be able to glean what is popular in those places. 

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About the Author

Tom and his associates have remodeled homes in the Washington DC areas since early 2000. He started writing about his experiences with the hope of helping other homeowners to make smarter remodeling decisions, save money and time and to avoid disaster from hiring unscrupulous or worse incompetent contractors. Tom also promotes going green and proper use of energy which will affect all homeowners. Need more information? See our Frequently Asked Questions.