5 Tips to Sell Your Front Yard from Austin Real Estate

So, you’ve found the perfect new house in the perfect new city, and you have all your things packed up and ready to go. Then you realize you’re getting ahead of yourself. You still need to sell your old home. And you need to sell it as fast as possible.

One of the best ways to attract potential homebuyers is to give your front yard a face-lift. If the outside of your house looks spectacular, people will be more inclined to want to check out the inside of your house. We’ve been studying some trends in Austin Real Estate and have discovered five well-received additions and alterations people can make to the front of their home. Here they are:

1. If you have a white picket fence, consider painting it another color. Pick something cheery and bright like light blue or pale orange. Just avoid colors like hot pink. You want to call some attention to your home with subtle additions to your front yard. You don’t want to call too much attention to the front of your home with additions that are too bold and unique.

2. Many of the most sought-after homes in Austin have started decorating their front porches with tasteful paintings. You can find paintings that can withstand harsh, outdoor conditions at many stores. According to MSN Money, you can even find them at Target.

3. If you live in a dry area, and it’s hard to keep your grass green, there’s a temporary solution to your problem. While your home is up for sale, consider investing in some “turf paint.” It’s what the owners of golf courses use to keep the grass on their courses the greenest shade of green, year-round.

4. Plant some brightly colored perennial flowers. Perennial flowers bloom all year long. So, it won’t matter when you’re selling your house or how long it’s up for sale. This type of flower will always be in bloom. Pick colors that complement your house. For instance, orange and red flowers compliment a blue house. Purple and pink flowers suit a green house. And white and yellow flowers go well with a red brick house.

5. Find the right statues and ceramics to decorate your lawn and front porch with. Feel free to add a birdbath or two to your lawn. Just make sure the birdbaths aren’t too big. A rule of thumb is that they should be no taller than your hips. Other statues like gnomes and Foo Dogs are popular additions as well. When it comes to statues, smaller is usually better.

Remember that none of the additions you make to the front of your house should be too dramatic or eye-catching. Aim for subtle and tasteful. A little effort on your part can turn your front lawn into a major selling point.