4 Major Bathroom DIY Disasters You Need To Avoid

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If you think DIY is the best thing since sliced bread, think again. A lot of people do so too which is why everyone seems to be getting on the DIY bandwagon these days. However, not everyone is built for the part. Nothing should stop anyone from taking matters into their own hands, but everyone should acknowledge that there are certain things that they don’t have the expertise for.

Contractors have the track record, skills, and experience necessary to do the job which explains why they are paid that much money. Most people, after successfully fixing minor things around the house, develop a misplaced confidence level and they tend to buy off more than they can chew. Below are just some of the three DIY mistakes that justify why some renovations should be left to the pros.

Wonky Layout and Measurements

Some homeowners get too excited especially when they see great designs off a magazine. However, being inexperienced, many delve right in on designing without minding the more important aspects of renovation which is engineering. Many novice DIY-ers fail to put layout perspective on paper which means that no proper measurements and planning are done prior to design implementation. And contrary to what many may think, the bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to renovate since it involves a mixture of water, electrical, and design elements. Some typical problems had something to do with misaligned bathroom cabinets, a shower door that opens the wrong way, or worse, a toilet that won’t fit. Such disasters can be avoided when proper planning and accurate measurements are done on the drawing board.

Plumbing Conundrum

Living with an awful-looking design may be a hard pill to swallow, however, what you probably can’t afford to ignore even if you try are plumbing problems. These kind of problems seem invisible at first, but leaks caused by loose nails, ill-fitting pipes, non-usage of water-resistant shower boards, and improper drainage installation can cause your bathroom to deteriorate from the inside out. Such problem calls for immediate professional remedies which could cost you a considerable amount of money...probably beyond the budget you’ve allotted for such a project.

Below-par materials

Skimping on budget may be a good thing, but to what extent? What most DIY-ers don’t realize is not everything cheap is worth buying. Bathrooms need sturdy, quality fixtures, and cabinetry since it is one of the most frequently-used rooms in the house. If you come across dirt-cheap cabinets online which are too good to be true, , you may want to do further checks as there could be a reason behind why such cabinets rta or shower head are being sold at that price. If you get products that are just sold by people on the internet and not a store, chances are they don’t have warranty and you’ll end up replacing them anyway. In addition, the damp condition inside the bathroom causes materials to deteriorate faster which makes substandard materials a no-no. Choose brands or services which have a good proven track record in terms of quality and after sales support, products that give you good value for money. That way, you’re assured that you’re getting the quality you deserve.

Electrical Mayhem

Just because you know how to replace a light bulb doesn’t mean that you can take on electrical works. Remember, the repercussions of taking matters into your hands can be huge as it could even cost you and your loved ones’ lives. What most do not know is that local permits are needed if you do work beyond wall treatments. This is to ensure that repairs are done within safety standards in every situation. After all, if the time comes and you need to out your property up for sale, having electrical certificates would come in as an advantage. Better yet, hire professionals to do the job to rest assured that everything is in order. There are just some things that need to be left for the pros to handle especially it involves the safety and security of your family.

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