3 Ways to Make Your Home More Musical

Berthold Auerbach said “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  Our homes are places of comfort and refuge from stress or work, school and just life in general. We spend time thinking about creating comfort in a number of ways; we do it with the colors we pain our walls, the furniture we buy and the blankets and throw pillows that fill the corners of our rooms. But how many of us never consider music as another level of comfort and solace that our homes could offer? Sure, we may have clock radios, Stereos, IPod docks or CD players. Yet, these on off devices, never really seem fully integrated into the environment. The fact is, indulging your love of music and integrating into your house, in a more substantial way, can add value to your home. Yes, I mean re-sale value, but I also mean value in terms of culture, education and enhancing all of your entertaining.


If entertaining is a priority in your home, live piano music is a way to elevate any party to a more cultural experience. Even if you don’t start out the night with someone playing, in all likelihood after a few martini’s someone is likely do launch into a rousing rendition of “piano man” that will engage everyone. Piano music can add to any gathering and sometimes in unexpected buy unifying ways. Of course pianos are a huge addition to a home, literally and figuratively. Good ones aren’t cheap, and the big ones may require the help of professional piano movers to get it in the house. If you’re into Feng Shui at all, Pianos are known for being symbols of and calmness, and reassurance which are conducive to positive chi.

There is little that adds more instant class and culture to a home than a piano. It may not seem like the obvious way to make a home more musical, but it is so multi-functional that it is certainly a viable one. If you have children, having a piano at home is a great way to introduce them to learning a musical instrument at a young age. The fact is kids who study music learn about reasoning, problem solving and empathy and may even perform better in school because of their exposure to the arts. Music is also an important outlet for adults to express their creativity and ease stress. In perhaps a less practical way, the shape of a piano is beautiful and can be a striking piece of décor for any home.

Indoor Sound Systems

Imagine being able to fill the house with music with only one button. Well, it’s totally possible. In home sound systems are becoming more and more popular as the technology is easier to acquire and, more importantly, increasingly affordable. There are a number of different kinds of audio systems you can install directly into your home, but the most general breakdown is single source; single zone, single source; multiple zones and multiple sources; multiple zones. These options allow you to decide if you want the same music playing in every room of your house or you can have different music playing in different areas. In this case you can have the whole family tuned into one sound or allow individuals to enjoy their own preferences.

However, as you would assume, single source, single zone is definitely the cheapest, with minimal installation and the fewest hardware requirements. Most often speakers are put into walls and ceilings, or mounted throughout the house. But even with the simplest system, this is one of those things where DIY could become more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re dealing with fancy wiring or touch screen controls, definitely opt for a professional installer. It takes planning, installation, programming, testing and often re-programming to get this right. But if you’re a music lover and a homeowner the benefits can be worth it.

Outdoor Speakers

So, it’s basically the same principle as indoor systems, but outdoor speakers are a great way to make yard work a lot easier and kick up your patio parties. Having a house full of music is awesome by itself, but with a few extra speakers you can carry the tune all the way through your back yard. One of the most offbeat-worthy interesting things aobut this option is the kinds of speakers you can get. Clearly, they need to be waterproof and durable enough to withstand the elements. But beyond that you can get speakers that blend in with your outdoor environment. Some speakers come in the shape of rocks that will become part of your landscaping. Others are more geared toward décor and are shaped like pillars, fountains, or other decorative lawn ornaments. Of course, there are plenty of high-quality no frills speakers available too.

A whole house audio distribution system, indoor or outdoor can add a lot to daily life, as well as special occasions and even add to the value of your home. Whole house sound systems make adding background music to a party infinitely easier. It’s much better than using one centrally located stereo, or putting the music channel on your digital cable. While, we all want to throw better parties, that’s generally not the motivation for installing a system like this. But if music is a big part of your life then perhaps the effect on re-sale will appeal to you. Is a multi-room sound system as big a selling point as say new windows and doors? Nope. Sorry. But it in a neighborhood full of higher end homes it can absolutely help set your house apart from others of similar distinction. Essentially, it ups the “coolness” factor of your house, in the same way that breakfast nooks or fireplaces may appeal to prospective buyers. It’s a matter of preference for the buyer of course, but as our culture is placing more and more importance on technology it’s likely that in the next decade we’ll see even more emphasis placed on the value of structured wiring and various types of distribution systems.

Music has a universal calming and unifying effect on all of us. When we go out of our way to bring music into our homes we create a special environment for everyone that lives there. Sometimes it’s brining in something like a piano, and others it’s allowing technology to bring us our music in new and exciting ways. We all have our own beat to dance to and being a little creative in how you surround yourself with music is exactly what makes yours the kind of off-beat home everyone will love.

Jade is a writer for Uship a company that features piano movers and movers for other large items. Jade has been writing for a number of years as a blogger and freelance author. She is also a homeowner always looking for ways to make he home a little more awesome.