3 Decorating Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Work

Have you ever been in a space where it was difficult to concentrate on the work at hand?  While that might be a good strategy for a game room or play room, for a home office, concentration is key.  There are three quick and easy decorating tips that can help you stay focused on work.  They help you be more productive while also giving you the tools necessary to succeed.

Furniture Placement

The placement of the furniture in the room is one of the most important factors when it comes to focusing the attention on work at hand.  A desk that is near a noisy television or a constantly ringing family phone is not going to be the most productive place to get your work done.  Instead, create a space that is as quiet as possible somewhere in your home.  If the living room is the only place you have to set up your workstation, that is fine, but place it as far away from traffic and interruptions as you can.  Also, turn the desk so that it is not facing the television or the place where friends and family will be gathering to sit.  It is too easy to be interrupted if you give the impression of being engaged in the space with everyone else.  If you need to, use a divider to section off the room.  A bookcase or folding screen, when used strategically, can make a world of difference in creating that privacy you need to complete your work.

Calm colors, reduce clutter can improve productivity at home

Clutter Control

Controlling the clutter in your home office space is also a big task, but one that can provide you with instant focus and results.  Create a place for everything that you have in the space, label it and do not let things collect in piles on your desk.  By having a spot for everything, it is easier to put papers and reports where they belong.  If you need extra storage space, a bookshelf with baskets or labeled bins can provide you with attractive, functional and inexpensive office storage.  While there are many experts that suggest that you organize your home and office in different ways, it is important that it be organized in a way that works best for you.


The color of your workspace can be a significant motivator or distraction depending on what it is.  Bold and bright colors often draw the eye immediately and create a feeling of energy and motion.  While that excitement is important, when you are trying to concentrate on typing a report or working on a proposal, those loud colors can really be distracting.  Instead, opt for colors that are softer and warmer.  Soft, warm colors will be more calming and soothing, and will encourage you to focus on the work at hand by not drawing your attention to the walls or accessories.  While just about any pale, warm color will work, the color that you select must be one that you feel comfortable seeing day in and day out.

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with Metal-Wall-Art.com and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with patio metal wall art decor and Tuscan metal wall decor.