3 Awesome Tips for Claiming Your Place in the Marketing Industry

The field of marketing is ever expanding. If you want to be a part of it, make yourself stand out from the crowd of other people in this arena! Take these three suggestions for how to bypass the competition and run with them; they may just mean the difference between securing an interview with that agency you want to work for…or seeing your resume tossed in the trash bin!

1.) Work for the Company at Special Events

A good step forward to pursuing employment with a company is working for them in another capacity. Oftentimes, marketing agencies will help companies attend special events like conventions, trade shows, promotions, showcases, and expos to promote their business. When they are there, local “talent” will be brought in to aid in the event. There are several different positions they’ll frequently fill:

  • (a) Brand Ambassador
  • (b) Hostess
  • (c) Booth Worker
  • (d) Presenter
  • (e) Product Demonstrator
  • (f) Product Sampler
  • (g) Lead Generator

There are two ways you can seek out these positions. You can try going through the company directly. Sometimes, (especially with the smaller companies), they hire out the talent on their own. If you pursue these jobs this way, you’re kind of working backward, since you’re approaching the marketing agency through the company.

Other times, however, they’ll go through the agency directly to look for talent. See if you can find out which agency they’re using and contact them regarding the matter.

Whichever method you choose, you can later on let this agency know when you’re applying for a full-time position: “Hey! I actually already worked with the company. I was a brand ambassador for Company XYZ when you attended that trade show last November!”

2.) Create Your Own Spec Ads/Material for the Company You’re Pursuing

Depending on your specific position—whether you’re a writer, web designer, etc.—there’s a good chance you’ll need a portfolio for any jobs you pursue. One cool trick you can use? Go on the marketing agency’s website and find one of their clients. Take the initiative to make your own spec ads and other materials (maybe using social media marketing) for that company to show the agency how prepared you are to help them make their clients look amazing. They’ll be impressed with how proactive you are.

3.) Be Careful How You Market YOURSELF!

Social networking allows us to let people into our lives—even people we don’t want seeing it. Therefore, it might be a smart idea to create separate pages (on Facebook, for instance) that are for business only. For your personal page, use a name that employers won’t look up. For example, go by your real name—John Smith—on your “business” Facebook page. Then you can maybe use something like your first and middle initial, plus your mother’s maiden name, for your personal page.

Are you looking for an easier solution? Don’t put anything too personal online period! It doesn’t matter what your privacy settings are; someone will always be able to access the information that you thought you were keeping very secretly hidden.

There are many other things you can do to get an employer to notice you, but doing these three things is a wonderful start.

Nancy Meyers writes for several educational sites. Find information about the Top 10 Best Marketing Degree Programs offered by schools referenced on the internet.