5 Ways To Get Around On Your Seychelles Holiday

Seychelles - Mahe - Anse Soleil

The country of Seychelles includes 115 different islands, and it's home to exotic palms, giant tortoises, seabird colonies, and incredible marine life. If you're staying at one of the many Seychelles resorts and you're looking to do more than lie on the beach every day, you might be wondering what your options are for traveling around and between the different islands. From the main island of Mahe to the smaller outer islands, travel can actually be affordable and easy. It all depends on which mode of transportation you prefer.

A Foodie's Guide to Vietnam

Vietnam Sept 2012 3432 Market, Sa Dec, Viet Nam

Let's face it, as a lover of all things food, you could get off the plane in Vietnam and you probably wouldn't go wrong, but since you value the experience of the best food a place has to offer, doing a little research first will ensure that you don't miss the most fabulous food Vietnam has to offer. Here are the Vietnam restaurants you should include on your food pilgrimage.

RVing with the Family? Don’t Forget Your Toys

If you’re planning an RV trip with the family, you’ll undoubtedly make sure that the kids have enough clothes, the first-aid kit is stocked to the brim and you’ve loaded the phone numbers of the nearest hospital, veterinarian and Starbucks into your smartphone. While these things are all essential, don’t forget the most important items: your toys! Part of enjoying the great outdoors is the ability to rip and run on your favorite gas-powered ATVs and electric scooters. Here are five toys that will simply make your trip:

How to choose a Hotel

You are about to go on vacation and you have decided on where to go, now it is time to choose a hotel. You do not feel like just booking a ticket and hope you will find a hotel that will take you once you’re there. No, you want somewhere to put your bags when you arrive so you can go down to the beach or town to have some dinner after your flight. This article will give you some advice on how to choose your right hotel. Be on time! To set out to look for hotels a month before you plan on traveling is not a good idea, by then all the good rooms might be taken.

Going With the Flow: Tapping Into Mauritian Music

For anyone planning a Mauritius holiday, they will be looking forward to the wonderful tropical beaches and the beautiful, friendly and native people. Like any island destination, Mauritius offers its share of tropical activities like diving, fishing and surfing, and the food of the country is prized for its vibrancy and eclecticism. What some people may not realize is that the island of Mauritius has its own, unique style of music that is also vibrant, electric, and overflowing with the history of the people of the island.

How to choose the right Travel Agency

How to choose a travel agency is first to ask yourself what you are looking for and then adapt your searching after these wishes. Of course, price is the most important thing but other aspects like timing, service and stopovers play a rather important role. You don’t want to pay for the cheapest agency and have to land three times and wait for twenty hours in Istanbul, some people might do that though, but would you?

Get Drawn Into Some of Tunisia’s Many Festivals

Have you been pondering a trip to Tunisia? If so, you’re not alone. Officials at Tunisia's Ministry of Tourism said that amount of visitors to the country between January 1st and February 20th of this year had increased by over 70% when compared to that time in 2011. The United Nations considers Tunisia to be a developing country, but it’s one that has something for everyone. If you're feeling tempted about taking a trip there, consider attending one of the country's numerous festivals.

A Way to Mingle with the Locals


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