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Talk to a workers compensation lawyer and you might be surprised to learn that workers compensation fraud is actually a multi-billion dollar problem. Across many states in the United States, state governments are seeking to implement tougher rules so as to ensure that they end this illegal practice. However, the more surprising thing you are likely to learn is that there are so many different forms of workers compensation fraud. The most well-known kind are those committed by everyday blue collared workers. Construction workers for example are a big source of false claims.

Ways to Reduce Your Training Costs

While there are a variety of reasons for which businesses provide training to employees, performance support should be the ultimate goal. Whether training is conducted to comply with regulatory requirements, to prevent property damage or to control liability, it should in the end, be done in a way that adds value to an organization. While training is one of the many costs of doing business, it should be done in the most cost effective way.

Filtered Water in the Fridge Tends To Taste Better With Water Filters for Refrigerators

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Refrigerator water filters are becoming a must-have in many families. Families are realizing that they can save money in their weekly grocery budget by not purchasing bottled water for family use. A case or more of bottled water from the grocery store every week can really add up for families who are closely watching their expenses. Here are some other reasons why many families are purchasing water filters for their refrigerators.

Health and Safety Tips for the Warehouse

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If you run a warehouse you will already be aware of how important health and safety management is. Not only is it your moral duty to protect those that work for you, and the public, from the risk of ill health and injury, it’s a legal responsibility too. You could find yourself prosecuted, fined and landed with a criminal record if you fail to comply with the laws that are in place.

Health and Safety is a Full Time Job

There's Poop in the Pool: Swimming in Public Can Be Risky

Ah, summer. It's the time of barbecues and outdoor activities. With 309,000 public pools in the United States, chances are that you have one nearby. Before you think about packing the kids in the car and heading to the neighborhood pool, take the time to read this article. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in eight pools was shut down in 2011 due to public health concerns; the presence of fecal matter being the most prevalent problem. Here's what you should know:

Popular Urban Myths About Veteran Care and Why They Need to be Busted

Soldiers returning to war can suffer from many physical and mental burdens, and providing continuing care for veterans is one of the most important commitments that government and social services can make. But the myths, misconceptions, and plain rumors that surround who is eligible for assistance and how to best go about getting it can often prevent injured and disabled veterans, as well as those with PTSD, from seeking the help they need. The Veterans Health Administration of America has over 1,700 care sites in the country, making it America's largest integrated health care system.

5 of the Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains and What You Can Do About Them

Carpets tend to act as gigantic disposable sponges, only without the disposable part. Seriously, you can wash a carpet, but unless you don’t mind huge, expensive, time consuming projects, you can’t usually just throw it out and get a new one. So when some careless individual goes and spills something all over the wall- to-wall shag, you may find yourself in need of some innovative advice on how to clean it up. Well, here you go: the seven worst carpet stains, and tips on how to remove them.

10 Signs That Your Child May Need Therapy

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Children suffer from emotional problems just as adults do. The difference is that while adults have the tools to cope with many of their emotional issues, children do not yet possess the maturity to be able to do so. When it comes to children, professional counseling can often provide the answers that parents are looking for. Here are ten signs that your child may need therapy


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