20 Tips for Getting Ready for the Move

While you may be anticipating moving to a new place and starting a new journey, actually going through the process can be a headache. With so many things to do at the old place and at the new one, it can be easy to leave something out. Listed below are 20 tips that will help you get ready for the move. Be sure that you don’t forget these important things when making the transition.

Don't Break Your Back: Choosing Supplies to Make Moving a Breeze

Moving can be an intimidating prospect – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right equipment and supplies, your move can go safely and smoothly without breaking your back or bank.

Proper Packing 

A stress-free move begins with proper packing. There are two key elements to keep in mind – using the right container for the job and being sure to label it. Below is a list of what you’ll need and why:

Looking to Relocate? Consider These Things First

Moving to a new area; with new things to explore, new job prospects and the opportunity to make new friends can be an exciting proposition, yet it doesn’t come without its risks.

If you want to relocate to unexplored lands, consider the following factors before you put down your deposit and make the upheaval into an area that far from meets your expectations.

Average House Prices

5 Ways to Make a New Home Feel Like 'Home'

When you move to a new place, whether a house, townhouse or apartment, it can feel overwhelming to think about where to start to make your new residence feel like your own. But thankfully, bringing your personality and style to your new home doesn’t necessarily require a professional design team! Here are five things you can do to make your home a bit homier:

Moving, again? – A tale of Extreme Home Staging

Most friends live by the “I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine” motto.  But, the dreaded favor of helping a buddy move is one even the best of friends would feign illness to get out of.  Imagine being friends with the Potter family.

Peter and Shelia Potter have spent the last 14 years calling 14 different residences home.  That’s one house, one move, every year, for more than a decade.


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