Become a Budget Decorating Expert

You have mastered the arts of organization and meal planning on a budget, to the best of your abilities. Now, you are faced with redecorating, renovating, or simply touching up a specific room on a budget. Instead of choosing pieces based on style and current trends, become a budget decorating expert and put what you save into a savings account. You will soon see the savings add up, and you can use what you save to enjoy a day at the spa, a weekend getaway with friends, family members, or a special someone, or buy that expensive pair of shoes you have been eyeing for weeks.

Million homes foreclosed in 2010, banks predict worse situation in 2011

According to most recent reports, home foreclosures will rise in 2011, crossing the record of 1 million homes that were foreclosed in the year 2010. They say that the bleakest year in the foreclosure crisis has just begun in 2011. The lenders are poised to repossess more homes this year, since the housing meltdown in 2006.

CFPB makes mortgage sheets simpler

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Obama administration's agency being set up by adviser Warren, plans to bring greater transparency to the credit industry by requiring simpler purchasing sheet for mortgage lending.On Wednesday the bureau's site released two possible versions of the mortgage disclosure form for public viewing (also shown below) Reactions were mixed from industry and customer sources.

Hidden rental vehicle fees to be avoided

After you finish your remodeling project, you'll probably need a nice vacation. In fact you may be so giddy about finishing your project that you may not pay attention to those car rental changes. Gas costs nearly $4 per gallon average in the United States today. But did you know it will cost more than double per gallon needed if you don't return the rental with a full tank? Don't let this and other "hidden" fees burst your spending budget.

Party Planning on a Budget


Planning a party is always filled with a mixture of excitement, anxiety and the potential for budget overload.  This year, instead of spending more money than you have on a party that you may not need to have, take the time to create a plan for spending.  This will help keep your budget on track and will help you avoid the end of the month crunch from overspending.

Make a Budget

High credit card debt persists

Americans are more educated about credit than they were before the recession; however, their knowledge about personal finance isn't resulting in better decisions about credit and lending. A survey indicates that most Americans know the interest rates they are paying on their credit card and they know their credit rating. Even so, they continue to carry high interest credit card debt and many don't know how to improve their credit scores.


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