Should You Rent or Buy a Home?

The decision to rent or buy a home is more confusing than ever. Home prices and mortgage rates are at an all-time low but the economy is still weak. So how do you decide which option is right for you? Renting and buying both have distinct pros and cons depending on your particular situation. Read on to find out when to buy and when to rent.

Why buy?

While buying a home is not the guaranteed investment it used to be, it can still be a good investment for savvy buyers. When should you consider buying?

Interior Design that Disguises Security

Having a home safe is nothing new. People have been hiding valuables in safes at home for centuries; however, with the nifty thieves of today, homeowners have to be one-step ahead of the game. There is plenty of information available on the Internet about ways to hide your valuable at home. While homeowners are looking for ideas to hide their valuables, thieves search for ways to find them!

The usual places of the safe in the wall, or under a plank of wood in the floor might be passé but still you want to feel secure that your valuables, like cash

Early financial planning can help you dodge debts problems

Finances, is such a thing which requires your utmost attention. If you consider it from the beginning, when you start using credit cards and handling your own money, you may not have to face complex debt problems later in life. There are many people who never learn from their mistakes, and thus are required to file bankruptcy one after another. Reigning in your problems at an early age is going to help you develop strong character too.

Is credit card debt consolidation a boon or bane?

People with huge credit card debt find credit card debt consolidation programs an efficient way to get out of it. The reason is, before officially signing up a debtor as their client, the debt relief companies conduct a counseling session. This helps them to get acquainted with the prospective client's financial status. Thereafter, they can advice him/her a customized debt repayment strategy.

Ten Essential Rules when paying your Remodeling Contractor

Getting your written contract to say exactly what you want is a major milestone in remodeling. Unfortunately, many home owners and general contractors get lazy and sloppy and don’t follow the processes the contract outlines when payments and change orders arise.

We offer ten essential things to do to help you manage your money and to make sure that things don’t go wrong.

Rules to Live and Die by

How Home Upgrades Can Save You Money

It would seem almost counter-intuitive to imagine laborious, sometimes expensive, home improvement repairs actually saving you money. But the reality is, short of getting a raise or getting lucky in the stock market, home upgrades are some of the best ways you can save yourself money. Doing the work yourself is the key to success. With some research and assistance you can save quite a bit of money.

Money Saving Tips for Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year, particularly when it comes to finances. Not only do you have to worry about buying gifts and arranging festive celebrations, you also have to contend with bad weather, increased heating costs, and the difficulty of stocking up on food during a season when everyone in the world seems to be buying in enough supplies to stock a nuclear bunker for 40 years. 

The following money saving tips will help you to trim down your seasonal spending to more manageable levels:

Moving, again? – A tale of Extreme Home Staging

Most friends live by the “I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine” motto.  But, the dreaded favor of helping a buddy move is one even the best of friends would feign illness to get out of.  Imagine being friends with the Potter family.

Peter and Shelia Potter have spent the last 14 years calling 14 different residences home.  That’s one house, one move, every year, for more than a decade.

Maybe it's time to tell our Elected Officials where to go

If you are  like me you are ready to kick out all of those fools in Washington DC. If Congress and the White House don't resolve this debt ceiling issue, it will be disaster for construction trades and for consumers. Interest rates on new mortgages will go up, etc. If you are as sick of it all as I am, you can always throw the bums out in the next election. In the mean time, at least contact them and give them a piece of your mind with an email or voice mail. Some of these people have twitter so you tweet them your concerns. See below for how to easily do that. 


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