8 Tips for the First Time Landlord

In August of 2012, the online news reporting site, “The Guardian” reported that due to an increase in the demand of tenants that landlords could expect to see steady returns in their property investments for the next 13 years. With lower housing prices and a potential for greater returns on your investment, this means that if you are a potential landlord, it is a great time to buy. If you have never owned a buy-to-let before, however, there are some things you need to know that can help save you time and money

The Modern Stock Market: Top Three Rookie Moves

Since the stock market crash of 2008 and the roller coaster ride of various flash crashes in 2010 and on August 1, 2012, many seasoned investors have retired - sold their stock, invested in bonds, and backed away in fear of another substantial loss. It's not surprising but it's also nothing that should scare you. The stock market, as you probably know, is a game of risk. You should never invest what you can't afford to lose, or in the case of investors that have been in the game for decades and have already amassed a good amount of money, it's not worth it to stay and face uncertain times.

Insurance is another way to save money

A penny saved really is a penny earned and if you adhere to that philosophy then it won’t take long for you to start getting ahead in this dog eat dog world. It seems that now days more than ever are people everywhere trying to pinch pennies. Yes, times really are hard. Perhaps they should be calling this financial crisis, our country is in, a depression instead of a recession, as it has so many people depressed in more than once sense.

Insurance Is A Key Player In Finance

Personal finance is something that everyone is striving to become more informed about as it often sets the course for the lifestyle an individual will have going forward. The obvious components that make up this overall picture is relatively straightforward. People try to increase their wealth through income and other assets while also driving down the costs of the expenses going out. However, there is another key player in all this and that is insurance, and the dynamic relationship it holds with finance.

4 Handy Tips on How to Avail a Cheap Life Insurance Plan

No one has a control on the situations that are to occur in their life. The best that we can do is to anticipate something and take preventive measures accordingly. Every individual try their best to ensure some kind of a protection, or a security for them and their family. The most common form of protection that one resorts to is insurance.

How to Cut Spending in 9 Ways

Got the empty Wallet Blues? If you’re finding that you’re a little lighter in the wallet than you’d like to be, it’s a good idea to take a look at your budget.

Try spending a week writing down every single thing that you buy and its cost. At the end of the week, do the math to find out how much you spent on each item.

What you find might just surprise you—people spend a lot more than they think, and often a large majority of their cash flow goes to unexpected places. Here are some common surprise big-cost items that we dug up.


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