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Updating a Room that has Wood Paneling

Are you tired of that wood paneling in your home? Here are several options to giving your space a new look.

Wood paneling does date a home and space. The colors range from dark brown to very light beige. The darker woods can also make a room look smaller and unattractive. In older homes, this paneling was nailed to 1.5 x 96 inch fur strips or to 2 x 4s.

If you want to do away with the wood paneling and don't have concerns about insulating the space then you have three options:

Renovating a Rambler in the Washington DC Metro Area

This the first article on the redesigned Millennial Living website. We'll pass along tips and advice that you can use when renovating or improving your home. These are based on our own experiences in remodeling homes in the Washington DC metro area.

Before the current renovation, this home lacked curb appeal. It had 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a separate living room and dining room, dated kitchen, large screen porch to the side, and an unfinished basement.

Here’s a curbside view of the front of the house before and after the renovation and landscaping.


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