How to Choose the Right Blinds for the Bathroom

Making sure that your windows are attractively and practically dressed is important to both the décor and usability of the rooms in your home. From chic, modern aluminium units in the kitchen to comforting and luxurious pleated fabric in the lounge, the blind that you choose goes a long way to setting the tone of the room, and the bathroom is no exception.
Although stylistic considerations should be made when selecting a blind for your bathroom, these are perhaps of less significance than the practical requirements of the window dressing.

The Right Window Treatments

window treatments

Home improvement projects are popular because homeowners want to take care of their investment. Whether breaking through a wall and building an additional room, or replacing the carpeting, people have a need (and desire) to improve their living quarters. However, while it is not something a lot of people think about, window treatments are super home improvement projects because they are relatively easy and inexpensive.

What is a Window Treatment?

Window Treatments: The Small Things

Window shades

Window treatments are many and varied, with everything from pitch black blackout blinds to floaty, almost translucent net curtains out there and ready to be used.  However, whatever design you go for, there are some important aspects to consider that you might not already be aware of.  Sure, you’ve chosen the colour and design, but what else do you really need to know?

The Panel Widths

Choosing windows for your house during the renovation

Windows come in a number of styles, designs, models and makes. When you are in the process of your home renovation or construction, you might be required to replace some of your existing windows. Well, it’s not easy thing finding the perfect window for your house, unless you choose to replace it with the same model in case you are renovating it. However, it is always better that you opt for something more different than what you had previously. This will help in making your house look different and even much better than it was previously.

Opt for eco-friendly window renovation

There are many who argue that the use of casement and slash windows would take up at least 40 times the energy when compared to the other types. Yes, you’ve got it right the hot topic that is being debated on is the best way to get your window renovation done. You must be sure that if you opt for the right windows then you would be able to save on a lot of costs at a later stage. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is it a good option that you can go in for.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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A simple, beautiful example of curb appeal.

First impressions are everything in real estate. If you’re preparing to sell, your home's initial presence can determine their attitude toward the whole package; so the best thing you can do to impress prospective buyers is to wow them before they even come through the door. Here are a few low-cost, low-impact ideas that can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal.

Make Your Windows the Energy Efficient Eyes of Your Home

Let the light in with windows

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the windows are linked to your ability to see clearly in life. Because of the belief, windows are often referred to as being the “eyes of the home” and are very important to the overall energy and health of the household and its inhabitants. Fortunately, to help make your windows the energy efficient eyes of your home, here are 5 tips:

1. Install energy efficient windows.

So, You Want to Replace Those Old Windows Not So Fast...

Old colorful windows

Replacing old windows. It's pretty straightforward right? Not so fast. While it may seem like no big deal, replacing old windows with new ones can be quite a challenge when those old windows are in an historic building. If you live in one of Chicago's 83 designated historic districts, make a call or pay a visit to the codes department of your local city hall before you commit to buying your chosen replacements. In Cincinnati, windows slated for replacement in historic buildings follow similar guidelines as Chicago.

How to Choose Blinds that Fit the Style of Your Home!

Custom blinds

When decorating, blinds play an important role. They need to look great, while offering an easy way to block light or let more into the room. There are many different styles available, including custom-made blinds, which are perfect for odd-shaped windows or those who want a specific style. However, it is important to consider a number of factors before choosing a specific type of blind.

The Material of the Blinds

How to Decide How Many Windows A Room Should Have

When you’re building a home, it’s your chance to add all the features of your dreams.  You can capture the best features of your property and build a home you are sure to love.  While you may be excited to draft plans for a home, you may start running into some challenges.  One is trying to decide how many windows a particular room should have.  You may want to fill one wall with a bank of windows, but is that really practical?


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