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How to transform your home with pebble tiles

Pebble tiling is an option that is becoming more and more popular as a choice for home owners when remodeling. Pebble tile can be used in a variety of ways and because it is so versatile as well as affordable, it has remained a top option. Pebble tiling can be used indoors as well as outdoors to give your home a unique look that is truly your own. Below are a few ways you can integrate pebble tile in your home.

Outdoors In

Travertine : An Old Stone with a Modern Appeal

Even back in ancient times, builders realised the qualities of travertine and some of the masterpieces that have used the stone bear testimony to that view. Whether it was structures by the Romans or builders in Western Europe from the Middle Ages onwards, travertine has made an impressive contribution to a series of great buildings. It is something that in today’s world can provide that luxurious appearance to transform an ordinary room into something quite special.

Bathroom Upgrades with Glass and Mirrors

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Contemporary bathroom

When you're ready to renovate your bathroom, knowing just where to start can be an overwhelming endeavor. Not only do you have the actual components to consider – the plumbing fixtures (faucet, shower head and toilet), the light fixtures, the vanity/cabinet, the sink setup, and the actual bathing mechanism (shower, tub or both) – but then you also have to take the overall design scheme into account.

Top Tiling Options for Bathrooms

In today’s home, tiling has taken over as a top choice for an overall appealing look in bathrooms. To create a modern look, home owners use tile in various ways in the bathroom space. Tile can be used for flooring, countertops, showers and more. Tile comes in many colors, shapes and sizes so every bathroom of the home can be customized to your exact taste. Below are a few ideas of how tile can be used in the bathroom.


Best Tiles for Your Building

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There are several means one can choose to decorate a building. People can use flowers, painting or even pictures to make it look attractive; however, these do not offer a permanent and more appealing looks as compared to those given by tiles. Tiles are of many textures and appearances. They can be decorated differently to suit your style. More over, tiles can be of different shapes, sizes and textures and can be used on different areas of the building specifically walls and floors. Choosing the right type of tile is a hard decision to make.

What Kind of Tile for Your Bathroom?

When you’re designing your bathroom, chances are that you’re considering adding some tile. Because of the moisture that inevitably occurs in the bathroom and the necessity for regular, easy cleaning, tile is a better choice for the floors than say, carpet or hardwood. Many people also continue the tile to the walls, especially around the tub and vanity. But what tile is the best to use? This guide can help you make the best choice there is for your bathroom.

Finding Beautiful Glass Vessel Sinks for Your Bathroom Online

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Bathroom remodeling can involve a plenty of effort, particularly if your remodeling is a do-it-yourself or DIY task, but the outcomes are frequently quite amazing. Contemporary bathroom sinks can help to improve the worth of your refurbishment, integrating just the precise stroke of functional superiority to nearly any room decor, be it conventional or enormously contemporary.


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The Porcelanosa Tile Store in Rockville Maryland is having a huge sale that begins Saturday October 8th and runs through October 22nd. We recommend that you go there before the sale and look around. The sale applies to in-stock items only. Procelanosa carries some very trending vanities and plumbing fixtures too so if you want to save some money look into that too.

Millennial Living Quick Tip: How to waterproof a shower before laying tile?

When installing a new shower with ceramic tile, you may want to waterproof the substrate before layiung the tile. You may be thinking that cement board is enough, but water can get behind your tile and even cement board. That's especially true if you like to take long showers and steam up the room. Why take a chance and have to spend a lot of money to repair water damage. Three products are used to water proof tile showers.


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