What you should know before you replace your windows

Replacing windows can be a difficult ordeal, especially if you don’t know what you are getting or doing. However, this task can be largely simplified if you just know what to look for in replacement windows. This article will go through all the major things you need to know, so you don’t end up with the wrong windows for your needs.

Hiring A Good Roofer And Knowing When To Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof on your home will be one of your biggest expenses when it comes to maintaining your home. Replacing the average roof can cost up to $25,000 so it’s not something you can take lightly unless you have money to burn. Below are some tips for when to know your roof needs to be replaced and how to go about finding the right roofer to do the job for you at a good price.

Not all Roofers Are the Same

Getting a good roofer is extremely important, but most of us take the roof over our head for granted. Every little crack in your roof can lead to a disaster, as it can be either a small leak that eventually leads to rot, mold, or collapse. Roofing is no joke, so when you want to fix the barrier between you and the harsh elements, finding a qualified roofer is essential.

Roof Top Solar Energy

Generating electricity from solar panels installed on roof tops is not a new idea. More people who live in condominiums and co-op apartments are now considering this solar option. They are tired of rising electricity costs and want to embrace renewable energy.

So how come this obvious idea is gaining mementum among condominium and co-op apartment owners and commercial business ownwers? Here's what I think:
  • Rising frustration with politicians and utilities offering excuses or promising new renewable technologies tomorrow.

Roof Top Wind Energy

Condominium and Co-op Apartment associations and owners of larger commercial buildings can reduce their electricity costs and go green by installing wind energy on their roofs. The technology is here. All it takes is some persisitence.

Conventional energy wisdom envisions wind farms in remote areas far away from people. Getting the electricity to where it's needed will be a real challenge since large interstate high voltage lines have not been built in the last 25 years. Take a look at the picture below and you'l understand why.

Metal Roofs add curb appeal, save electricity

When we hear metal roofs, we usually think of warehouses and commercial buildings. Not any more. Home remodelers are now using them for porches, porticos and entire roofs. They're also literally cooler than asphalt roofs.

We used to see metal roofs on more modern looking homes. Now people in the Washington DC area are adding porches to their very traditional colonial, rambler and craftsman style homes.

Metal roof covers porch area


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