Three Top Tips for an Energy Efficient Roof

Barrel tile roof

Energy efficiency is as much about small choices as large ones. When it comes to your roof, there is a great deal of potential for wasted energy due to the sheer size of the roof and how much air inside your home it is keeping insulated. Whether you're trying to keep the heat in or out, even small and inexpensive improvements to your roof's energy efficiency can make a big difference to the bottom line of your home's energy usage, and therefore the energy bill.

Choose Your Roofer Carefully

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Contractors on damaged roof

Everybody understands that people need to make a living, they have house payments, truck payments and they need to send their kids to college. What I don't like is how some contractors are looking to take advantage of potential customers and their insurance companies. There is nothing wrong with beating the street to drum up business, but there has to be some ethics involved. Roofers are notorious when it comes to taking advantage of customers.

Rubber Roofing Vs. Metal Roofing

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Copper Roofing

We all know how stressful and agonizing putting a new roof on your house can be.  This is why it is so important to make sure that you choose the right type of roofing when doing so.  This article will take a look at two different types of roofing; rubber and metal, to help you decide if ones of these is the roof for you. 

Rubber Roofing 

First we will discuss rubber roofing and its advantages and disadvantages.


The Pros and Cons of Wood Roofs

Whatever material is chosen for the roof of a home, there is going to be a fair amount of maintenance and repairs needed to extend the life of the material. One popular material in recent years has been wood roofs, which are typically styled as wood shingles or shakes. This roofing material offers many aspects that should be considered by homeowners. Here are just a few wood roof pros and cons to consider.



Why Should You Get an Expert Roofer?

Everybody wants their house to look superior and free from damages which can be brought about by so many reasons. The roof, for example, usually becomes damaged as it is exposed to different environmental conditions such as wind, extreme sunlight, hail, snow, rain and many others. Damaged roof can certainly be frustrating as it may lead to leakage of rain water and other disturbances. Initially, you may think of fixing your damaged roof all by yourself. However, there are certain reasons why it is best to ask for help and hire a quality roofer for your roof repair.

DIY Tips for Finding and Fixing Leaks in Your Roof

By now you must have determined that there is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, a leak in your roof. The telltale water stains on the ceiling may even be reaching down the walls. There's no denying it anymore. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Luckily for you, most roofing problems are relatively simple to repair on your own, provided you know what to look for and how to fix it. There's no time like the present to fix problems like these, so if you've got sunny skies in the forecast this week--get up there right away and start diagnosing the problem.

How to Waterproof and Weatherproof Your Roof

Replacing a roof doesn't rank high on the list of priorities for upgrades for most homeowners until the darned thing starts to leak. After all, it's way more fun to overhaul the kitchen or bathroom, spaces that you see and use each day, than to drop a ton of dough on the roof, which you rarely think of unless it stops doing its job. In fact, the minute the roof starts malfunctioning, the savvy homeowner starts to see dollars going down the drain.

DIY Roofing

Getting your roof fixed along with the fasias and soffits is one of the most expensive home improvement jobs you can attempt. For some reason, hiring the work and finding contractors to do your roof work is simply far more expensive than most projects. That’s why some people decide to save money and cut back on their home improvement expenses by simply doing the work themselves. Anyone can learn how to fix a roof with enough research and study and the right materials, but they’ll be in for a big project.

Surveying the Work

Roof Updates That Will Make Your Home for Energy Efficient

Nobody wants to pay high energy bills. Unfortunately, many homeowners spend too much on heating and cooling their home because their roof is not energy efficient. There are some easy roofing updates available for home and business owners that can save them energy and money. Some of the most popular methods are listed below. 

First thing to do before doing anything is to determine whether or not you are spending too much to heat and cool your home.

Reflective Coats and Whitewashing 

Green Roofing

When you are looking for new roofing shingles, you might want to consider looking into green options for the future. While commonly used shingles used in most modern roofing projects can take up a lot of tar, asphalt, and use harmful chemicals, the good news is that there are other options out there for your next roof renovation that will help you avoid using the shingles that might harm the planet, and will look great too.


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