Roofs collapse in Buffalo New York

Cleaning snow off your roof

After getting several feet of snow over the course of a few days, several roofs in the Buffalo, New York area began to collapse. While the amount of snow that fell in such a short amount of time is unusual, a well maintained roof in good shape should still have been able to hold up in those conditions. Here are some tips for homeowners so that they can recognize when their roofs might be failing and what they can do about it.

Reasons your roof may be failing


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Majority of people think that the best way to keep a building or house cool is to invest in air conditioning. There are actually plenty more factors in play, like architecture, but the best way to keep your home sheltered from heat is through the roof. Your roof should release heat rather than absorb it. Sometimes all you need is a change of color, for example: having a white roof can reduce your electricity costs of air-conditioning up to 15%. What are your other options? You can consider…

6. Clay and Terra Cotta Roofing

Do you have what it takes to become a cavity insulation installer?

Jeff Howell at work

Weekend work in dusty lofts may not sound like an ideal vocation, but becoming a cavity insulation installer is a worthwhile career to consider for those who are both good with their hands and want to make a difference to their local community. With trainees earning between £12-14,000 a year, rising to £20,000 a year with experience, it offers plenty of progressive opportunities and practical skills to enhance CVs.

So if you’re considering being a cavity insulation installer, here’s what you need to become successful:

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green roofing

What’s a green roof?

Of all the different roofing options available, none are more environmentally friendly than a green roof. Any kind of roof that is covered with living plants can be called a green roof. You can even have a green roof by putting specialized containers or trays with plants on them for a cheaper option.

What are the benefits?

Aside from looking lovely, green roofing will absorb rainwater runoff, give your home an additional layer of insulation, extend the building’s lifespan, and even provide fresh vegetables.

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Roof Repairs Long Island Area

The work of a responsible homeowner does not stop when he toils through the move-in process. The real work comes after the acquisition when you need to face all the expensive maintenance costs. When talking about high maintenance areas of the home, the exterior is one of the first that comes to mind. Roof repairs or installations can carry a very heavy price tag. At the end of the day the roof is what protects your home; It's like clothing for your home. The complexity and cost of the repairs will also depend on materials used.

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GAF Roofers Long Island & Queens

Our homes are our most important investment. Roofing products happen to be some of the most costly products related to your home and that's why homeowners are naturally critical when choosing roofing experts. There are probably hundreds of roof experts out there ready to answer your call. However, very few of these roofing contractors are GAF Master Elite Roofers. In fact, only 2-3 % of roofing contractors nationwide fall into this category. Although many roofer use GAF products, most of them don't have the same level of training and expertise as the Master Elite group.

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roofing contractor Long Island

While some home maintenance procedures are easy for most homeowners, there are some that are too technical for many of us. Considering the number of DIY (do it yourself) information all over the internet today, more and more homeowners are being empowered to perform home repairs and improvements on their own. However, while DIY projects can save us a lot of money, they do not always guarantee quality outputs. When it comes to gutter maintenance for example, some homeowners beleive it is better to call in the experts.


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