Planning to Remodel

Home remodeling options

With today's real estate market in the dog house and spooked credit markets, people thinking of home remodeling have tough decisions to make. We offer some things to consider to help you make some decisions. No One has a Crystal Ball No one knows the future of the economy and housing market. However, most of us know our likes and dislikes and our tolerance for risk. The housing market has always had its ups and downs and it's certain to continue. If you are thinking about home remodeling, you're probably thinking of many other alternatives as well. You can:

Will you get what you want by home remodeling?

Realtors, Architects and Design Build firms can help you to realistically assess the success of a home remodeling project. They are crucial at anytime, but especially in poor real estate market.

Call a Good Realtor first
Lets assume that you can afford what it will take on your home remodeling project. You also have some reassurance from a Realtor who specializes in your neighborhood's houses that you are not over building.

Undecided about Home Remodeling and Renovation?

You're not alone if you are undecided about doing a home remodeling and renovation project. A bad housing market and the economy have made it even more complicated. Don't despair. There are plenty of options. Before you take that first step, see our recently written home remodeling planning articles to help you to decide. Tom

Home Remodeling Photos can resolve disputes, communicate ideas

Photos of your renovation or that new home you're building before, during and after construction can be used to improve communications and resolve disputes with contractors and architects. Use Google's free Picasa software to edit and organize them.

Renovations and constructing a new house are major lifetime events. We think that it makes good sense to take photos of your home before, during and after construction. Photos will convey what you have really done and give contractors, architects, friends and neighbors a sense of the transformation.

Renovating a Rambler in the Washington DC Metro Area

This the first article on the redesigned Millennial Living website. We'll pass along tips and advice that you can use when renovating or improving your home. These are based on our own experiences in remodeling homes in the Washington DC metro area.

Before the current renovation, this home lacked curb appeal. It had 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a separate living room and dining room, dated kitchen, large screen porch to the side, and an unfinished basement.

Here’s a curbside view of the front of the house before and after the renovation and landscaping.


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