Planning to Remodel

5 Places in Your Home to Include a Granite Medallion

Are you redoing a tile floor in your current home or building a new home with a blank slate? Would you like to add something unique to the floor layout that will stand out more than typical tile patterns? Or, would you like to add a mural effect to a wall inside or outside the house? If so, then a granite medallion may be just what you're looking for. Attractive and functional, granite medallions are also a flexible addition to your home.

Slow Home Remodeling Market could mean lower remodeling costs

A slow home remodeling market may result in lower construction costs. This doesn't mean that you can get things done for nothing. Nor does it make it easier to find a good contractor. In fact, it may be more challenging.

In the Washington DC area, contractors are calling architects and requesting that they be allowed to bid on future jobs. We suspect that the same may be true in other areas. During the height of the home remodeling market, it was customary to have three contractors bid on a job. Now five contractors bidding on work is the norm.

How to Organize Your Remodeling Paperwork

People in the middle of a home remodeling project also are overwhelmed by paperwork, dust and perhaps juggling bills in temporary quarters. Google Apps, a suite of online software, accessible via the Internet can really make a difference.

Google apps includes free spreadsheets, word processing and email
Google offers SaaS in what is called "Google Apps." If you use Google Apps, you don't have to buy copies of software to run on your computer. They also eliminate the IT department.

Architectural Design Process for Home Remodeling

Have you ever noticed how large commercial buildings go up so quickly and that some residential remodeling projects take forever? Barring bad luck or a terrible general contractor, the major reason may be lack of planning and poor or none existent construction plans and drawings. The architectural design process has six major parts for a home remodeling project. They are designed to make you think and plan your project systematically so that construction is done quickly and that the proper materials are used.
  • Existing Drawings and Questionnaire,

Ten Things to do before calling an Architect

To take full advantage of the design opportunities that a home remodeling project presents, you'll have to organize your thoughts and expectations. We offer tips on how to do that.

Organizing your thoughts- we mean both of you
By this we mean the two or three of you who will live in the home after the remodeling is complete. There are always different preferences, so begin talking about them beforehand. You'll then be able to select an architect that is right for you and your project.


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