Planning to Remodel

Eight Reasons to Not Remodel your Home

Home remodeling is very stressful even for people who are in the construction business like Donald Trump, who routinely construct grand projects. While we think remodeling has its benefits, it also has its costs and they are not all monetary. Broken nerves, lives turned upside down and possibly divorce and an end to life long friendships are all a possibility. So before you take that leap, think really hard not only about the money, but assess your ability to handle the project and all the other things you are doing.

Eight Reasons to not remodel

How to Set a Realistic Remodeling Budget

Remodeling your home can be tons of fun but can turn into a huge expense if you don't have a realistic remodeling budget in place from the project's inception.  The objective of setting an appropriate budget for remodeling is to come up with a fairly accurate estimate of how much money you can spend without straining your financial resources; it allows you to have enough 'wiggle room' to accomplish the type of project that you have planned.   Let's look at some considerations that you should make in regards to setting the budget for your remodel.

Grant Money Giveaways – 5 Home Improvements that Pay

If you need home improvements done to your property, you might want to look into the possibility of qualifying for a home improvement grant. A grant is money that is set aside for certain types of home improvements, geared towards certain groups of people or certain types of circumstances, such as a low income level or age group. Not everything will qualify for a home improvement grant, so you can improve your chances of receiving a grant by making the types of improvements that are generally covered under such programs.

Confessions of a First Time Remodeler

Several years ago, I was just like you when it came to remodeling--- totally nieve. I wanted my project to start "yesterday", be done by skilled craftsman and of course at the lowest price. Things never turned out quite like that, because I wasn not realistic.  In fact, as I gained experience and I soon realized that the contractor I hired had about as much experience as I did. That was not much.

7 Ways to Remodel Your Home on a Small Budget

Almost every home renovation goes over budget. That’s just how it is. It seems like no matter what you do, you always end up spending more money than you planned…sometimes, way more.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be like that (assuming you’re setting a realistic budget for what you want to accomplish). Today, you’re going to discover 7 helpful tips that will let you trim costs on your next home remodel without cutting corners.  

12 Things every Remodeling Contractor and Homeowner should know

Sometimes I dream about being at a Remodeling Convention and speaking my mind to a room filled with contractors. Sure we all know thta the National Association of The Remodeling Industry suggests ways of finding a contractor. However, I think its high time that we focus on underlying issues that make remodeling one of the most stressful activities for both contractors and home onwers alke.

7 Tips to Successful Remodeling

You've heard the horror stories and unfortunately many are true. People handing over their hard earned money to contractors who can't deliver or worse construct unsafe projects. No one can promise that it won't happen to you, but we can tell you how to reduce your risks, protect yourself and improve the chances of getting the remodeling project that you want. Just follow these steps.

Ways to Use Onyx Stone in Your Home

You may know a lot about the decorative and tough stones like granite and marble. Such natural materials are often found as floor tile and on kitchen countertops. Granite and marble, however, are not the only stones that work well for both beauty and function. Onyx, a type of agate, is also commonly used as tile and countertop material. Like marble and granite, it possesses strength and has its own distinct beauty that may be just what your home needs. In this article, we'll look at a few unique ways to employ onyx in your home design.

Liven Up the Outdoors with Stone

Sometimes our outdoor spaces may seem a little neglected. They may be pruned and watered but perhaps a little bare otherwise. Have you ever thought you'd like to add a touch of art to your garden, creating a terrace-like space in your backyard? Or would you like to improve the curbside appeal of your home? Flowers and shrubs certainly help, but a little crafted stone can improve your home's value and be appreciated by you for years. So what stones are available for outside use and how can you use them? Let's look at some of the options available today.


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