Planning to Remodel

Microwave Buying Guide

Microwaves are undoubtedly an integral part of the modern kitchen. Like other modern appliances, they come in a variety of styles and options. Sorting through the spec sheets and comparing the various models can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to replace your current microwave or you’re doing a complete remodel, there are some key things to keep in mind before making your microwave purchase.

Here are a few tips to ensure you buy the best microwave for your kitchen.

Homes- What $8.5 million will buy in New York City

When I think of apartment homes in the City, I think of 2-3 bedroom units in a great neighborhood and a parking space. I don't think of a home that is half a floor or let alone a full floor of a Pre-War Building where prices start at $8.5 million. Well that is exactly what the the residences at 535 West End Avenue are offering. That $8.5 million unit probably does not have a great view either. Plan on spending $20 million on the upper floors.

What's in What's out in Home Remodeling

Size will matter less according to U.S. Home Buiders. Homes will be greener, less formal and 10 percent smaller by 2015 according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. The report sheds some light on what is in or out in the future. Remember though that this is a survey and local prefernces regarding rooms, appliances and styles prevail. Check with a Realtor to see what people are looking for in home in your area before making any final decisions.

How to Get a Construction Loan

Many have hopes of one day redesigning and creating the home of their dreams. In order to make your visions a reality, you must first secure the necessary finances required for such an important undertaking. There are many costs to consider regarding a remodeling construction loan, such as loan qualification, the cost of the actual labor and materials required, as well as loan payment plans. Amounts offered for the construction loan will depend on a person’s financial history and assets.

Remodeling aesthetics

Remodeling a home can be an exciting, but also scary proposition.  With a firm understanding of how the house currently looks, it can be a challenge to imagine how the house will look after the remodel is complete.  If you are concerned about the aesthetics of the remodel, consider some of the points below to ensure that the new look is perfect for your home.

Slave to the House

When to negotiate, when to fight with your contractor

If you are planning a renovation or have started work, sooner or later you will have a fight or disagreement with your contractor or architect. You may even come to believe that your contractor is the devil. This article tells you when to stand your ground with your contractor or architect, when to negotiate, and when to walk or fire them. 

Converting a Garage Into a Guest Room

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  Converting a garage into a guest room can be the ideal solution for expanding livable space and hosting guests.  If the garage is more of a storage area than a working garage, the conversion will be relatively straightforward.  Planning is required and it may be a good idea to hire a contractor if do-it-yourself work is not a strong suit.  When thinking about converting a garage into a guest room, consider the following points during planning.

What your Pets really think of Remodeling

Howlow, my name is Rolf.  I am an English bull dog who lives with Cheeky, a Siberian-Persian cat. This is the first time, we have blogged or for that matter spoken in human tongue. Bleeze excuse the paw spelling and gramar.  We agreed to this interview to shed some light on what wee pets think of remodeling. Yes we have opinions too and have to put up with many inconveniences. The peeple at Millennial Living (MLVG) conducted the interview:

MLVG: What is the worst thing about remodeling?

Renovation without regrets- Plan like a pro

What happens when you’re tired of your old kitchen cabinet doors, or when you want to throw down a wall between your children’s rooms after they’ve left the house? You’ve decided on a home renovation project. However, even if your starting idea is small in scale, taking the time to plan a renovation project will be worth your while. From deciding which materials to use to hiring the right electrician to making sure you’re within your budget, good planning will ensure fast, headache-free results.


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