The ‘Gold’ in Silver

Nothings beats vintage, and if you are looking for a ‘classy’ treat, collecting silver is a good option, especially since its value appreciates in time—depending on the type of silver, that is. Throughout the years, silver has played an essential part in our lives, and aside from the customary jewellery made out of this element, silver tea sets and cutlery are also now widely sold, and the good thing about it is that people in differing social status can buy silver as these can be bought at a low price.

Silverplate vs. Sterling

5 Simple Additions for a More Eco-friendly Kitchen

As the world becomes more and more aware of just how important it is to protect the environment, we as a people are always looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly. The kitchen, more than any other room in the home, has the most potential to incorporate eco-friendly additions. Below are 5 tips (some new, some old) for making greener life and a greener kitchen:

How To Use Colour In Your Kitchen

What color to paint your kitchen

Whether you want to give your kitchen an overhaul or are designing a new kitchen, a kitchen can very easily be brought to life by an injection of colour.

No matter how big or small your kitchen, it can benefit from a splash of colour (no matter how unexpected) making it an integral part of your home, so it’s not just a fully functioning area for cooking also for sitting in and relaxing. A thoughtful and carefully designed kitchen can also increase the value of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

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outdoor kitchen

Patio dining can be an excellent way to spend time with family, friends, and nature too. Outdoor kitchens can come in all sizes for different space and budget considerations. The important thing is to embrace your space and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some of our favorite looks for grills and outdoor kitchens:

Bar style seating with a grill, sink and mini fridge. Simple enough but still very impressive.

How to Avoid Food Waste and Save Money

Life is nothing without three things- Love, Money and Food, and your nodding heads are a satisfactory confirmation of this small but emphatic statement. But among the three, the most basic one is food. How many times have you felt like screaming at people who dump heaps of food in waste bins because of some reason? And how many times did you feel guilty for doing it yourself?

Kitchen Remodeling - 4 Ideas to a Child Friendly Kitchen

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Childproof your kitchen using safety gears

there are potential dangers that lurk in the kitchen. I am sure none of you would like any of your children to get exposed to these dangers and hurt themselves. So how can we make the kitchen safe and at the same time, exciting for our little ones to explore? These child-friendly kitchen adjustments ought to keep your children from harm's way whilst allowing them to enjoy every moment of bonding time with you in the kitchen.

A Real-Life Kitchen Makeover

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Before the renovation
When you think of a kitchen makeover, do you have visions of granite countertops by the acre, a complete set of All-Clad cookware, and a Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator? Sure, and good luck with that. The great news is that a much simpler, less expensive kitchen makeover will do loads more for your ability to cook more and better in your own home. Let's talk about some simple, inexpensive changes you can make in your kitchen to make it more conducive to frequent, healthy cooking -- and a place where you'll want to spend more time.

Using Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers in your Gourmet Kitchen

Today’s kitchen remodels are generally large, sophisticated and contain upscale and pricey refrigerators and/or freezers. These kitchens tend to be designed for display only and the home owners rarely do serious cooking in them. That's all well and good, if you are worried about looks and don't care about performance.

Style, choice, durability… Reasons to seek wood worktops for your kitchen

If you are searching for worktops to have installed in your kitchen then you should certainly consider the prospect of wooden worktops. This is an option which many people have opted for in their homes, and it is not hard to see why. From authentic style to value for money, there is a whole host of reasons why wood is the answer.


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