Laundry Sinks don't have to be ugly anymore

Many years ago, laundry sinks were primarily used to capture washing machine or air conditioner waste water and provide hot and cold water to washing machines. You seldom ever thought of doing laundry in them.
Typical laundry or utility sink Now with washing machine wall bibs (see it just to the left of the wall vent), there is really no need for the typical laundry or utility sink if you don't really want one.

Our basement kitchen/laundry room

Reusing Kitchen Cabinets in Home Remodeling Project

Don't trash your old kitchen cabinets. Instead consider using them in your garage, storage area or in a basement kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling projects usually go down three distinct paths:
  • Replacing all of existing cabinets with brand new cabinets,
  • Giving your existing kitchen cabinets a face lift with paint, new trim and/or hardware, and
  • Prefacing your cabinet doors and exposed areas.
New Cabaco Kitchen Cabinets in new kitchen

Buying and Determining Height for Kitchen Pendant Lights

Online lighting stores may be the best way to shop for pendant lights for your kitchen island or peninsula. Determining the right height to hang it is another matter. We offer tips to get it right.

Pendant lights have become very common place in today's renovated and new kitchens. They are especially good over a peninsular or island because they are attractive and provide needed task lighting.

Shopping for a Pendant light

Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

No two stones or slabs are alike, although the marble and granite companies will tell you they are from the same block. Here’s some tips on how to select the right stones and to avoid stones that may not be right for your kitchen.

If you are doing a standard kitchen, you will need from two to three granite slabs. You can confirm this by visiting a granite fabricator who will cut and install your granite after you have selected it. Based on the kitchen plan and the stone you choose, the fabricator can provide you pricing and the number of slabs you will need.

Add a Kitchen to your Basement

Adding a kitchen and laundry room to your basement is one of the best ways to compete with today’s homes that feature a family room that adjoins to the kitchen. Additional benefits include separate space for teens, college students, live ins, the elderly and rental income.

Finishing your basement is a very cost effective way of adding living space to your home. At the same time, you'll be creating a new living space that can accommodate your changing needs and possibly supplement your income.


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