Five fun art and craft projects for kids

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When you're at home with your children it is easy to let them fall into the same old habits of watching television or playing computer games. However, taking on some arts and crafts projects is not only great fun for people of all ages, but it also helps young people build practical skills. Any of these five projects would be great fun to do in your free time.

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How Your Home's Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

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Psychology teaches us that color affects mood. While not everyone may feel the same way about certain colors, there are shades and hues that are seen to affect most people in a particular way. By keeping that in mind, you can make choices about the colors you use for the rooms in your home and the art you choose to put on the walls. When you understand colors and how they make you feel, you'll be able to pick your decor more easily and find just the right paint options for your house. Art that you put on the walls can also be a part of your use of color.


Newlyweds and Interior Design: Bridging the Gap with Technological Tools

Technology is an ideal companion for interior decorators — from novices to experts. So say you're a newlywed couple looking for ways to decorate your new home with minimal experience or idea where to start. Ignore those lavish Pinterest dream homes. Shoot for something manageable and original with user-friendly tips and tools.

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5 DIY Tasks to Complete Before the End of Summer

As the summer months fly by, now is the time to get your overalls out and finish the DIY tasks you may have already started, but haven't got around to completing. That way, you'll head into autumn happy and safe in the knowledge everything on your to-do list has been ticked off.

1. Paint the house

Homeowners are notorious for starting to paint their abodes a new shade or pattern, then tiring of the task and leaving rooms half-finished or walls unseen to.

Planning for Wall Coatings

The most typical types of exterior wall coatings are paints, but we all know that exterior paints just don't last that long. Before you know it, it's time to paint again. A longer lasting solution is to use Exterior Render Coatings by Armourseal. This is a resin and polymer based solution that is sprayed onto your walls and provides a coating up to 20 times thicker than the ordinary 3 coats of traditional masonry paint.


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