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Buying the Right Kind of Tape

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Packing tape seems like one of the most essential items for any business. Yet, how many times does the office manager or assistant try to find tape only to find the company is low on the appropriate tape they need. No shipment or mailing is complete without the right type of tape the box or package needs. It is why there are online vendors that specialize in bulk orders of different types of tape that can meet any business needs.


How Your Home's Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

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Psychology teaches us that color affects mood. While not everyone may feel the same way about certain colors, there are shades and hues that are seen to affect most people in a particular way. By keeping that in mind, you can make choices about the colors you use for the rooms in your home and the art you choose to put on the walls. When you understand colors and how they make you feel, you'll be able to pick your decor more easily and find just the right paint options for your house. Art that you put on the walls can also be a part of your use of color.


How To Choose Colour For Your Window Shutters

Window shutters can have a great impact on the look and appeal of your home, depending on whether you choose the right colour. Choosing the right colour for your window shutters can be very difficult given the wide range of colour options available. It involves a make or break decision, and one must consider a number of factors before finally settling on a particular colour. The colour of your window shutters has the ability to enhance the value and charm of your home while on the other hand can also tame the beauty of the home.

5 DIY Tasks to Complete Before the End of Summer

As the summer months fly by, now is the time to get your overalls out and finish the DIY tasks you may have already started, but haven't got around to completing. That way, you'll head into autumn happy and safe in the knowledge everything on your to-do list has been ticked off.

1. Paint the house

Homeowners are notorious for starting to paint their abodes a new shade or pattern, then tiring of the task and leaving rooms half-finished or walls unseen to.

Top Trending Paint Colors for 2013

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Cool colors for 2013

If you’re looking to spruce up your place, consider re-painting a few rooms or even just an accent wall to add a creative touch to any space.

The color forecast for 2013 is a beautiful blend of modern grays, coastal blues, and antique browns, with pops of more traditional colors like pinks and yellows. This year, don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to interior décor and choosing a paint color. Remember, with paint you can always return to the old color with a little extra hard work.

Here are the top trending paint colors for 2013:

Modern grays

Elegant Kitchen cabinets colors!

Kitchen cabinet being the focal point in the kitchen needs to be stylish and highly operational. You may buy new RTA Kitchen Cabinets or then just repaint the old ones in either of the cases it is important that you opt for colors that will merge with the existing interiors. If you are not that good at choosing colors and do not have much of its habit then you can look out for some vibrant colors which will add good charm to the kitchen.

Black, White and As Popular As Ever

Black and white has emerged boldly on the scene making quite the statement. The monochrome and contrasting color palette is quite striking when combined with contemporary furniture selection. Depending on the percentage of black to white, the room can have a calming effect or an energizing effective. Living spaces can be truly transformed into modern works of art with a black and white color palette.

Popular Black and White Designs

How to Use Summer Shades to Brighten up Your Home

Bright colours and bold neons are very much in fashion for the upcoming summer months, but they can be difficult to use in home decoration without looking garish or clashing with other colours – not to mention each other. Here are a few hints and tips to help you add a splash of summery neon to your home without giving your family a headache or causing nausea among your guests.



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