What Kind of Tile for Your Bathroom?

When you’re designing your bathroom, chances are that you’re considering adding some tile. Because of the moisture that inevitably occurs in the bathroom and the necessity for regular, easy cleaning, tile is a better choice for the floors than say, carpet or hardwood. Many people also continue the tile to the walls, especially around the tub and vanity. But what tile is the best to use? This guide can help you make the best choice there is for your bathroom.

Carpet in the Bathroom: Okay or No Way?

For many homeowners, covering the bathroom floor with tile –including ceramic, porcelain or even natural stone – is the obvious choice. However, there is another alternative many deem too tacky or unhealthy to consider:  carpeting.

New advances in carpet technology have yielded products suitable for the bathroom’s wet and humid environment. Although for many, the choice is simply a cosmetic one, and they want the best look for their bathroom. Before you head to the local home improvement store, discover the pros and cons of utilizing carpeting vs. tile for your bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodel Blunders to Avoid

Do-it-yourself bathroom remodels can be a fun and relatively simple project that can also add some value to your home. However, bathroom remodels can also turn into a remodeling nightmare very quickly. If you do not plan ahead and know what to avoid, you too can blunder into your own bathroom remodel nightmare. So read up on these common mistakes in order to avoid them during your project.

How to Choose the Right Heated Towel Rails

There was a time when the luxury of getting a hot towel handed to you, right when you step out of the shower, was only limited to the extremely wealthy or a spoiled celebrity. Now, this indulgence has become more accessible and affordable, thanks to the latest technological advances. Heated towel rails are one of the most sought after accessories for bathrooms at the moment. Along with the making your towels hot and fluffy, they have an added bonus of warming up the bathroom temperature and reducing condensation. Bone-chilling winters and bitter-cold nights can turn cozy and snug with these marvelous appliances. A carefully chosen heated towel rail can add beauty, elegance and convenience to your bathroom and turn your shower time into a delight.

Essential tips you need to consider buying a shower enclosure

A shower is a task that is done every day. But it need not be a chore. You can make that time of the day into one of relaxation, peace and quiet, something to look forward to. A shower enclosure instantly gives your bathroom a look of minimalism, class and an aura of luxury. But you don’t install something as expensive and complex every day. As a smart consumer, you need to keep some things in mind. Here are 8 tips to follow to ensure you buy something that gives you comfort for years and years to come. 

Millennial Quick Tip: When 24 inches really means 30 in Towel Bars

We are really big fans of Hansgrohe bathroom products so when we renovated our bathrooms we naturally selected matching E & S Style 24 inch towel bars to go with the Metris S and Metris E faucets we purchased. A real "no-brainer" we thought. We got a big surprise when we finally got around to installing them. We definitely should have read the spec sheets before purchasing them and so should you.

Fixing a Running Toilet

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You're toilet is running and starting to drive you crazy. So you are ready to call the plumber and spend a hundred dollars or so that you were not planning to. STOP right now. Before you call the plumber, read this post which will show you how to repair it for a fraction of the cost yourself and pocket that money.

Salvage Period Fixtures and Fittings for Your Home and Save Money

Every homeowner wants a beautiful home and one that stands out from those around it. This may be for the pleasure solely of the homeowner who would like their home to reach its optimum potential. Others may have bought a house as an investment opportunity and are looking for ways to make their home stand out from the crowd.


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