Choosing the Perfect Vanity for Your Personal Bathroom

For many, planning and decorating their family’s shared bathroom, or the master bedroom en-suite, is a far more involved process than a guest lavatory or downstairs powder room. This includes choosing the perfect vanity that not only fits your budget and design aesthetic, but is also the ideal size for the space and accommodates you or your family’s needs. This may seem like an overwhelming and thoroughly confusing decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these key points in mind, and do your homework, before committing to a vanity for your en-suite or shared family bathroom.

What is Tanking and Do I Need it for my Wet Room?

These days many people are opting to upgrade their entire bathroom to a wet room. That generally means the entire bathroom, not just shower area can be exposed to running water. Using your bathroom as a wet room means you can minimize the use of glass enclosures and open it up to create an eye-appealing space. Just remember that your bathroom will act as a wetroom and it should be completely "tanked". That means the floor and walls of the entire room should be waterproofed to prevent leaking, not just the shower area.

Key Materials for your Wetroom

The Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Did you know that your bathroom is probably one of the most wasteful rooms in your home? As we become more aware of the impact that our everyday actions have on the planet, there is increasing emphasis on making our homes environmentally friendly. While taking shorter showers and not running the faucet while you brush your teeth are both excellent ways to preserve precious resources, there are more substantial and lasting things you can do. Here are some ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Materials

The Right Budget for Your Bathroom Remodel

Do you shudder every time you step into your dirty, dingy or plain outdated bathroom? Is your toilet moss green and original to the house… when it was built in 1964? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it’s probably time to treat your bathroom to a makeover. Entire television shows and magazines are devoted to turning your plain-Jane bathroom into a spa like retreat featuring marble vanities and deluxe, jetted tubs. However, your budget restrictions might require you to

The Modernist Touch to Your Bathroom

So you’ve spent months (or maybe years) and thousands of dollars remodeling your home to reflect your modern style. Clean lines, lots of metal and glass, unusual shapes and neutral colors define the look of your home… until you get to the bathroom.

Since bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home, and the least used, they are often the last on the list for remodeling. And unless your home is new construction, chances are it is not a modern design. It is possible, though, to carry the modern aesthetic straight into the bathroom.

Upgrading Your Home with a Hot Tub

What’s the best way to unwind and relax after a long day? Some might say reading a book, taking a shower, or having a nice drink is what works best for them. But there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a dip into a warm and refreshing hot tub, where you can watch the problems of the day drift away with the steam of the hot water.

Personal and Health

Be cautious while buying the bathroom storage units

Bathroom remodeling calls for proper management of storage units. Bathroom Vanities units are vital as they give the place an orderly appearance. Shortage in storage place makes your bathroom look disorganized and scruffy. It will thus spoil the look and your effort for remodeling it.
When you buy good looking cabinets your bathroom storage will no longer be a unit to be ashamed of. Nowadays a variety of cabinets and storage units are available in the market

Reasons to invest in kitchen & bathroom cabinets!

Kitchen & bathroom cabinets not only transform the appearance but also allow breathing space to the residents. Kitchen as well as bathroom is the most used space in the house. Normally when home renovation takes place, these two areas are given highest importance. The decorum of your house will be dependent on how you maintain your kitchen and bathroom. A shabby kitchen and messy bathroom will pinch the eyes of visitors. Therefore it is important for you to keep it well organized. So if you think that your kitchen and bathroom are not in good shape, then it is time to invest in kitchen & bathroom cabinets.


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