Demystifying Shower Design in Plain English

I agreed to help one of our clients provide their contractor and plumber with a list of Hansgrohe shower/tub valves for the rough-in plumbing.  This was easier said then done. The Hansgrohe website left a great deal to be desired, especially with respect to clearly defining pressure balance and thermostatic values for showers and tubs. Luckilly, we found a great resource provided by Mid-Valley Plumbing Supply in Pennsylvania that demystified the differences in plain English.

Master Bathroom Decorating: Budget Ideas with Style

The master bathroom is an extension of the master bedroom, and it adds tremendous convenience and luxury to a home. To mesh well with the bedroom, the master bathroom should reflect the design style of the master bedroom, and the colors should coordinate well. However, it is not necessary to hire a design professional to create a luxurious master bathroom. With the following budget decorating ideas and tips, the master bathroom can become a luxurious extension of the master bedroom and add a great deal of appeal and style to the home.

Choose an Original Decorating Theme

Rough plumbing- how to tell good from bad

When doing an extensive bathroom and/or kitchen remodeling project, you don't want to skimp on the  plumbing. That's because if the plumbing is not done correctly, you'll find out well after the plumber is gone. The costs to fix things are frayed nerves, extra dollars and a complete mess. That's generally because you may have to break concrete and all those finishes to fix the problem.

My Bathroom Remodel Projects- what went right and wrong

We remodeled several bathrooms in the last several years. Each had its challenges, but all came out reasonably well. Did we make some mistakes? Sure. Did we do some things very well? You bet. Here's a synopsis of what went right and wrong and more specific information on the issues so you can benefit when you remodel your bathrooms.

What we did and ended up with

Alternatives to Building a Watertight Shower Base and Floor

Most bathroom remodeling projects entail a stone, ceramic or procelain tile shower complete with bench. While this is not rocket science, homeowners have to be sure that the shower base and floor are water tight and sturdy to avoid costly repairs to areas below and adjacent to the shower.   

Bathroom remodeling usually involves three elements when it comes to showers:

Getting a grip on shopping at Lowes and the Home Depot

It's very obvious that Lowes and the Home Depot face great challenges in serving customers who are just not that handy. I put myself in that category and I am sure that other men and women do as well. Sure we can do the obvious- go buy a book or search the Web. Like anything else, we have to undertstand the basics and common tools associated with do it yourself (DIY) projects. Cartoons by and may be an easy and fun way to bridge that knowledge gap and to enable customers to be brave enough to undertake more complex projects.


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