Evolution of the Hand Dryer

Modern Hand Dryer

Before any hand dryer was ever created, paper towels were in full use. Which caused millions of trees cut down to create the paper towels and loads of trash from the used paper towels going into the landfills. Which in turn caused pollution. In 1948, a man by the name of George Clemens invented the first hand dryer in order to cut down the use of trees. And from that time, hand dryers came a long way.

Installing a new shower pump in your bathroom

Grundfos Danube shower Pumps

Showering can be incredibly frustrating if you suffer from low pressure in your home’s water mains supply. You have two options, either increase the size of the water supply pressure to your home, which is very costly, or install what’s called a shower pump. Fortunately, the second option is very affordable and can provide you the shower you have been dreaming of.

Don’t Neglect The Bathroom

It is quite easy for homeowners to dive straight in and complete the downstairs of the house when moving into a new property but you should always consider completing the bathroom first. Hear me out! When moving into a new home it takes a while to make it ‘your own’ and for some people will want to do it as soon as possible. One room that normally gets left with the remainder of the budget is the bathroom.

Acrylic Spas - Hype vs. Facts

Acrylic is a superior quality product used in manufacturing hot tubs and spas. The resistance that acrylic sheets exhibit against chemicals and sunlight make these sheets a crucial raw material for creating the inner layering of hot tubs or spas. Since the time acrylic sheets were founded, till date, a number of innovations have been introduced in the spa manufacturing industry. Using various permutations and combinations acrylic sheets of different textures and designs can be crafted. These acrylic sheets are used in spa manufacturing.

Latest bathroom trends


Everyone knows that badkamer or bathroom is an important thing in home. People want to spend a chunk of money for making good bathrooms because they surely provide a good impression. Many people feel that a bathroom should have great design and it should be completely trendy whereas some people are minimalist and feel that a bathroom looks good with minimal and should not be cluttered with unwanted things. But the latest trends have so much to offer. However, a person can match the requirement list with what is available in the market and go ahead with that.

Style in Smaller Bathrooms

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Tiled Bathroom

Once the Cinderella of the interior design world, bathrooms are really entering the high-end design realm of late. Now that kitchens are things of beauty and living rooms are confidently expressing their homeowner's style, bathrooms are rapidly becoming the next design focus for the style conscious. All showers have energy-efficiency options now, so you can even relax about your energy bills. Here we consider ways in which you can make the most of your bathroom space with shower units without either breaking the budget or compromising on style.

Shower Enclosures

What’s the hottest trend in the world of bathroom vanities?

The bathroom speaks volumes about your personality as a homeowner. Its appearance is therefore very much important. As you embark upon remodeling your bathroom for presenting your family members a comfortable and appealing space and for impressing your guests, you cannot do without installing a trendy vanity cabinet. A modern and stylish vanity cabinet can transform the look of your old bathroom and give it a new makeover as you desired.


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