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Cracks in the walls? Here's when you should worry

As a homeowner or someone doing a home inspection prior to making an offer on a home, there aren’t many home repair issues that cause quite as much consternation as cracks in the wall. Whether you’re noticing some itsy bitsy hairline cracks running vertically from a corner of the living room, or a great big gaping crack that forms a horizontal grimace across the wall, a crack in your home will definitely give you pause.

Is It Worth It to Buy and Repair Distressed Real Estate?

Real estate is not an easy market, but it has the potential to be very exciting and highly lucrative for those with the drive to succeed. Investments in property are some of the best assets for any self-starter because real estate is generally unaffected by the typical market fluctuations, and provides stable, reliable returns in the long run. There are many ways to go about investing in real estate, all of which require different courses of action, but one increasingly popular strategy is to buy distressed property at low prices to fix up and sell.

Renters' Insurance: An Investment You SHOULD Be Making

It seems to be a rite of passage. You hit a certain age, move out on your own and try to start a life for yourself. During this time, you're likely getting your first "real-world" job, deciding what you want out of life and of course pinching pennies as you learn just how expensive being an adult is. For the first time in your life, you likely have a strict budget to which you must stick, so you start making cuts.

Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture in Every Season

After investing in such expensive patio furniture and enjoying all summer long with your friends and family, you are probably worrying about how to protect it during the cold months ahead. However, most people don’t understand that certain elements from each season can harm your patio furniture and that is why investing in quality waterproof outdoor patio table covers is important.

To Rent or Buy: 5 Questions to Consider

In the past year, home prices dropped by .7 percent while rent rates increased by 5 percent. That means that in some situations, the immediate costs of a rent payment could be greater than a mortgage payment.

If you're debating between these two options, you don’t have to decide today if you will rent for the rest of your life or if you will own a home. What you can do is decide what's best for you right now in your current location, with your current job and in the current economy. As you consider your options, take some time to answer the following questions.

When to Do-It-Yourself and When to Contract Someone?

If you are someone who is looking to save money, there is nothing as irritating or frustrating as realizing that you’ve got something that needs to be fixed! The truth is that there are a thousand and one things that can go wrong in the home, and while some of them can be fixed by the average lay person, others need to be taken care of by a professional. How can you decide what can be fixed on your own, and how do you know when to bring in a pro?

Consider Your Own Experience

Decorating your kids' rooms for the holidays

With the most wonderful time of the year comes a not-so-wonderful to-do list a mile long. With menus to plan, gifts to buy and trips to take, it's easy to get swept up in the activity and forget to make the whole season special for the kids.

One simple strategy for putting the sparkle in the holiday season is decorating your kids' rooms for Christmas. And the best part? It doesn't take a lot of time or money to make it magical.

Consider any of the following ideas:

Intermodal containers go condo

Shipping containers are made to withstand the rigors of the sea and to protect precious cargoes daily.  is it so strange that they are being used to create condos in Detroit Michigan? Probably not.

Detroit will actually a bit late. Container City 2 at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London has already set the stage. We're talking intermodal containers designed for rail and vessels. Given the strength of intermodal containers.

4 quick ways to prepare your home for winter

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and temperatures are dropping. Now is the time to finish those last-minute repairs before winter hits. There are a few home improvement projects you can do over the next few weekends that will help lower energy costs and prevent damage to the structure of your home. Here are a few quick and easy projects that will get you started:

Winterize the doors and windows


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