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Should You Rent or Buy a Home?

The decision to rent or buy a home is more confusing than ever. Home prices and mortgage rates are at an all-time low but the economy is still weak. So how do you decide which option is right for you? Renting and buying both have distinct pros and cons depending on your particular situation. Read on to find out when to buy and when to rent.

Why buy?

While buying a home is not the guaranteed investment it used to be, it can still be a good investment for savvy buyers. When should you consider buying?

6 Steps to Easy Rental Maintenance

Many of you may have decided to rent your house rather than sell it in this relatively poor housing market. The following tips will help you manage your property yourself so that when you do sell, your home will be in good shape.

1. Create a fund now - set aside enough money to cover the replacement of two major appliance or a roof repair. It may be a while before that happens, but you'll need it for other things. When it dips to a pre-determined level restore the fund. Bad things tend to happen when you can least afford it, but with a rainy-day fund you'll be prepared.

Interior Design that Disguises Security

Having a home safe is nothing new. People have been hiding valuables in safes at home for centuries; however, with the nifty thieves of today, homeowners have to be one-step ahead of the game. There is plenty of information available on the Internet about ways to hide your valuable at home. While homeowners are looking for ideas to hide their valuables, thieves search for ways to find them!

The usual places of the safe in the wall, or under a plank of wood in the floor might be passé but still you want to feel secure that your valuables, like cash

Five Top Places to Install a Jewelry Safe

It can sometimes be difficult trying to figure out where you want to put your jewelry. Jewelry tends to be one of the smallest items that is worth the most in the home, and is therefore the one group of items that burglars look for first. Not only do you want to keep your jewelry safe because of its worth, but also because of its sentimental value.

Seven Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Ottawa Real Estate

For those about to purchase real estate, it’s imperative to understand the steps to professionally concluding a deal. Within this article, we’ll go over seven of the most important factors to consider within your purchase decision. And provide you with the information to help form a solid foundation to the home-buying process.

1. Getting a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Getting on the Property Ladder With a Self Build Mortgage

Getting on the property ladder by building your own house is possible – you just need a self build mortgage. Self build mortgages work in exactly the same way as regular mortgages, you just get the money parcelled out to you at different stages during the build. And your valuer assesses the current value of the property at each stage – so don’t make any mistakes or you’ll be eligible for less money!

Fire Safety in the 21st Century

Fire safety is an important yet often overlooked topic. Usually, when one thinks of fire safety, classes in school about mapping out your home and creating an emergency escape plan, or maybe fire extinguishers and sprinklers come to mind. It is still important to have a basic knowledge of fire safety, exciting advancements in fire safety technology are occurring on a daily basis and making fire protection fun and interesting as well.

Tips for a Quick and Easy House Sale

The selling process can be long and frustrating. You may get a lot of viewings, but no offers. You may not even get any views at all. Whatever the case is, any homeowner can follow simple tips that will result in a quick house sale. Soon enough, everyone will be dying to get a sneak peek of what seems like the Trump Towers.



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