Going Green

Short-term energy efficiency opportunities

If you’re building a new home, it’s the perfect time to ensure that the structure, aspect and the appliances of your house tick all the boxes for energy efficiency. But if you’re remodeling or just interested in reducing your environmental footprint, there is a range of smaller scale and shorter-term ways to implement energy efficient practices into your home.

Energy efficiency

Identifying a recycled carpet

Whatever other types of flooring are available for the home I must confess that personally I love the feel of a warm carpet under my feet.  Carpet manufacture is a huge global business and millions of square feet of carpeting are sold in the US every year.  From the environmental point of view this type of flooring is a great insulator that helps us all to save on those ever-increasing energy bills. But, what happens to all those old carpets that are ripped out of homes every year?  Are they just dumped or are any recycled for further use?

Environmental Benefits of Education Technology

Over the years, some educational institutions have been more than a little complacent about pollution and waste. Schools can harm the environment in several ways, but one of the primary concerns is a school's consumption of paper products, chalk, and other such resources. Until recently, it seemed that there was nothing to be done about the situation. Students required books to learn, and they could not complete assignments or take tests without using paper. However, as schools began incorporating technology into their everyday operations, it quickly became evident that the "green school" is not an unattainable goal.

What is Peak Oil and How Does It Affect You?

With the exception of water, there is no liquid other than oil that humans rely on so much. We rely on it not only to fuel our cars, planes and trains, but also to produce many of the materials that go into modern consumer goods. Many plastics, for instance, are oil-based. Yet unlike water, oil is a finite resource – that is, there's only so much of it around, and after it's all used up, it's gone for good.

Going Green with Pest Control

Pest control is a priority for most home owners. Once a problem arises, the stress of dealing with an infestation can rise fast. If you live in a region that is known for certain pests, preventative methods are usually recommended. That said, how can you keep bugs at bay and stay eco-friendly at the same time?

Whether it is a do-it-yourself option, or you enlist the help of a professional there are plenty of green options for you to choose from. If you have trouble which option is the best for your home, try these tips below.

Maximise Your Home With A Log Cabin

If you’re one of the millions of home-owners who want an extra room with their property, but does not want to go to the expense or hassle of moving home or building an extension then why not consider log cabin for your garden? An extremely durable and relatively cheap investment which provides endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation and also hurt your wallet a lot less than a house extension, and can actually increase the re-sale value of your home.

A Look into what Happens When You Recycle Electrical Goods

Most governments expect us to recycle our unwanted or broken electrical goods to prevent them from going into landfill. Unwanted items such as old irons and mobile phones, televisions, computers and other household electrical goods can all be recycled and reused. But where do they actually end up is another matter.

Fantastic Health Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished concrete floors can work nearly anywhere, from an old farmhouse to a modern loft apartment. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also incredibly cost effective, something that is highly important to almost every home-owner. However, unlike other wallet-friendly flooring materials, polished concrete floors are more than just aesthetically pleasing: they also come with a host of health benefits. 


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