Going Green

Choosing Eco-Friendly Furniture That is Right for You

As more people become aware of environmental issues, interest in products which have a smaller impact on the planet is growing. Not only are green products healthier, but they are also less damaging to the environment. This trend towards sustainability is also influencing furniture choices.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing eco-friendly furniture. The aware buyer should consider not only the pedigree of the materials but also the impact of production and disposal when outgrown.

Repurpose Existing Furniture

Renewable Energy and Feed-In Tariffs

The way the world’s energy supplies have been running in the past decades is inefficient and unwise, and everyone knows it. Businesses know it, individuals know it, activists know it, and yes, even the government knows it. In fact, it is this realization of the facts about global warming that has led the government of the United Kindgom to start providing feed-in tariffs to many businesses and individuals who are concerned about the environment and the damage human beings are having on it.

What Are Feed-In Tariffs?

Why Proper Waste Disposal Matters

Hazardous waste disposal is a huge problem in the world today, and it’s not just something that environmental activists are making up. Every day thousands of tons of waste matter are throw away, and while some people take time to separate for recycling and dispose of their waste in the right way, there are just as many people neglecting their responsibilities. That’s why we have ugly beaches, destroyed eco-systems, and many other problems in various areas of the world.

Green Living in Shipping Container Homes

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In tough economic times it can be difficult to balance concern for the environment with a tight budget. In many cases greener living options cost significantly more than their less conscious counterparts. Some creative people are able to find ways to combine leaving a lighter footprint with saving money. Given the plentiful supply and sturdy construction of shipping containers, using them as the basis for an economical and environment-friendly home is becoming a popular option. 

Natural living around your homes: Wrapping your brains around being green

The concrete and rocky feature of urban world, which is devoid of adequate means of greenery, is appearing as a ranging problem in the recent times. While the Eco-conscious clans and the general masses are fully aware of the aftermath of depleting greenery, most of us take the course of remaining blind towards it, rather than being active. But, it is high time that we should give it a serious thought and take active steps to promote greenery all around us.

Green Roofing

When you are looking for new roofing shingles, you might want to consider looking into green options for the future. While commonly used shingles used in most modern roofing projects can take up a lot of tar, asphalt, and use harmful chemicals, the good news is that there are other options out there for your next roof renovation that will help you avoid using the shingles that might harm the planet, and will look great too.

Switching Gears: Incorporating the Real, the Raw and the Sustainable in our Lifestyle

As the green revolution continues to gain momentum, many individuals have made the conscious effort to switch to a sustainable, eco-friendly, and green lifestyle. Granted that going the eco-friendly way can be difficult, time consuming, and to some degree, more expensive, it is something that is not (and should not be, in my opinion) just be a passing fancy.

Basic green Housekeeping: Clean like a Pro

Choosing your cleaning products carefully means choosing products, which are health friendly. There are many benefits for living in a less toxic home – it improves concentration, grants you a good sleep and even gives a sense of well being. This article gives you tips on how you can reduce toxicity in your house. So, read on to learn the various ways to keep your house clean and green.


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