Going Green

How to clean your home the eco-friendly way

Cleaning home is part of our daily routine. But have you ever thought of the flip side of cleaning process – the use of harsh chemicals that can harm not only our skin but also our health in the long run? How many of us have thought of cleaning our home the eco-friendly way to ensure clean and fresh surroundings? Eco-friendly way of cleaning has its own health benefits both for babies and adults. Here are few ways of cleaning the house in the most hygienic manner using homemade solutions.

Repurposing Those Old Towels

Stop! Don’t get rid of those towels that are stained, have a few threads missing, or are simply a little dingy. Bath or beach towels are one of those household items that can be repurposed for a wide variety of functions.

Here are twenty possible uses, broken down by category:


Cleaning rag – Put the towel in a cabinet and take it out when you need to dust, mop up a kitchen floor spill, or wash windows or mirrors.

The Significance of Going Green

I, personally, think that this planet is done for. Maybe I’m overreacting, but we must agree that some really critical things are wrong with our environment, and there is a certain urge to fix those problems, the sooner – the better. In the internet society, at least, going green is a widely accepted way of life, if you think about it. The whole deal isn’t about the climate changes; those are just one of the symptoms. The point is that we have reached a situation which is unsustainable, which means that we take in more that it produce – at least resource-wise.

Green is the Color of Life – Live it Every Day

Wild garden

Every day is earth day. From that prospective, looking for ways to be kinder to the environment is a full time job but one that you should feel good about. After all it is people like you who are leading the way and making small changes in big ways and inspiring other people to follow suit. But even if you haven’t made the effort before, it’s never too late to turn over a green leaf, ecologically speaking and the smallest changes can have a big impact on the environment, creating more awareness in your family and community.

Go Paperless!

Defending Your House Against Termites


By nature termites are sneaky insects that can enter your home without your permission and wreak havoc on the wood in your home. In some cases, termites can affect a home's foundation, or cause other expensive damage. Termite infestations can easily get out of hand because termites are often busy chewing on the foundation and wood in a home before the homeowner even suspects anything is wrong.

How to Avoid the Wrath of Termites

Vegetables To Eat And Decorate Your Home Via Aquaponics

Every living being on this planet we call Earth can affect the things that surround it. There is some kind of balance in nature which follows a certain pattern and that pattern can be used not only with mammals or birds, but also with the world of flora. Whether you believe it or not, scientists have proven the thesis that even plants in one's home can change the mood of people. That change is mainly positive, and will make you feel better. But in order to be happier, you need to make the plants happy as well.

Five Ways To Get Tax Breaks By Going Green

When it comes to tax, you do not want to end up spending too much on it. The government could very well end up owing you money if you miscalculate it. As a result, it is important to understand how you can get tax relief and enjoy a lower level of tax. There are a lot of things that you can claim your tax back on, but one of the new ways of doing so is by going green.

The Mixtape: A Lost Art

Abstract Music Illustration by Vectorportal, on Flickr
If you're of a certain age, you remember the mixtape of favorite songs. You may recall being the recipient of these little gems, or you may remember spending hours making a mixtape for someone. The mixtape is, sadly, a lost art. While we probably could never explain to children just how wonderful these personalized gifts were, it doesn't mean that we can't revive them in a new way. Grab a cheap MP3 player or a flash drive and get mixing.


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