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The Costco Business Model: Helping You Save Money, and the Earth

Huge warehouses, dirt cheap prices, bulk purchases and high quality products all have one thing in common: Costco Wholesale.

Basically, the business idea that has molded Costco into the retail giant that it is, is to lower the price per unit and sell you more units. Pretty simple, right? It’s actually a lot more complicated than it appears to be.

Going Solar: Closer Than You Think

You would think that any alternative and renewable energy source that could be used at home would be a revolutionary invention. However, solar power has been around for some decades, yet has still failed to take off as people thought that it would. But why? Solar power is available to anyone, and has massive benefits for the environment as well as financially. However, there are a few drawbacks that have created hesitancy among many homeowners—the main ones being price, appearance, and unreliability.

6 Ways to Adapt a Small Living Space

Many of us are faced with living in a small home, whether by choice or necessity. Small houses and apartments can be difficult to manage and organize, since there is little storage space and options we are presented with. Still, there are some easy tips we can all apply and make the most out of our small homes. We only need to carefully plan what to do with every inch of the space we have to work with, and by applying some creative solutions concerning decoration and space organization, we can make our house or apartment into our little dream home.

Getting LEED Certification for Your Home

In these contemporary times, technological advances are increasing the likelihood that our living spaces are sustainable. LEED for Homes-an organization that has over 100,000 units and works with both single and multifamily projects-is facilitating this process in many ways. Because LEED certification has gained international recognition as a leading mark of achievement in the construction and maintenance of green homes, ensuring that one's home is LEED certified means that one's living space will be less taxing on the environment.

5 Everyday Eco Products for Your Family

Contrary to what some people may believe, eco or ‘green’ products needn’t be cumbersome, expensive and stressful to install. In fact, there are plenty of nifty everyday eco gadgets on the market which are just as efficient as their energy-guzzling counterparts.
Here are a few products – ranging from the affordable to the slightly flash – which all illustrate this point.

Sunplugged Solar Urban Messenger

Why Everyone Should Consider Green Home Remodeling

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Green Home Remodeling

Who wants to save the planet? We’re sure we’re going to get a lot of hand raised for this one. The bigger question is who does not want to save the planet? With all the global awareness campaigns launched promoting green living, energy conservation, and recycling, it’s no surprise that most homeowners are now practicing green advocacy one way or another.

Can't Keep Up? 4 Ways To Modernize Your Home Lighting

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Let’s face it. Some of us have trouble with change. Maybe you’re that homeowner who still has an incandescent bulb in every light fixture, or only uses a single ceiling light to illuminate an entire room. Honestly, I don’t blame you. Especially with all the new innovations in the past few years, it’s really hard to keep up!

How Greenhouses Help People Cope With The Stress of Day to Day Life

Over the years, several scientific studies have shown that greenhouses are very effective in relieving people from stress. In fact, a quick glance at pictures of rich green vegetation and other plant forms like blossoming flowers have been very potent as quick stress relievers. This has been scientifically proven.

In addition, taking in the fresh moist air of a flourishing garden can reduce stress levels dramatically in a short time. As you read on, you will discover six ways that greenhouses help people to cope with the stresses of day to day life.


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