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10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green

There are a variety of reasons why it's wise to consider making the shift to greener, more efficient habits around the house, not least of which is doing your part to save the environment. What you may not realize, though, is that making eco-friendly changes to your daily routine can also pay off in the form of greater financial savings, and fewer bouts of asthma, allergies or skin sensitivities. Moving towards a green, earth-conscious home doesn't have to be a major pain, either.

Go Green & Save Money With These Simple Fixes Around the House

The start of a remodeling or redecorating project is a great time to evaluate your home's energy efficiency and make some simple eco-friendly changes and updates. You'll save money on your monthly utility bills and help Mother Earth, and everybody feels good about that:

Replace Appliances With Energy Star Products

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Top Green Energy Technologies for the Home

Home solar panels

Between fueling your car, cooling and heating your home and maintaining your lawn, energy costs are often our most significant monthly expense. However, there are many ways to save money on energy and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. Some are simple, requiring no installation or upfront expense, but others are a bit more involved--and can help you reduce your environmental impact while saving money.

Solar Arrays for the Home

How the Zero Home Could Change the World

Have you ever wondered how much electricity your home uses each year? This is an important question to ask, not only because people spend a lot on their utility bills, but also because of the worlds dangerous reliance on non-renewable energy sources. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average household consumes roughly 11,280 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year. This is about 20 times more than the average Nigerian household and twice the amount of an average Japanese or French household.

19 Ways to Make Your Home More Green

These days, it seems like everyone wants to do their part to help the planet. Unfortunately, between environmentally damaging companies that pretend to be green, and hybrid vehicles that do more harm than good, it can be hard to figure out what really helps and what doesn’t. Well, brace yourself, because one of the biggest contributors to global climate change is quite a bit closer to home than you might think. Actually, it is your home.

Here are 19 things you can do around the house to give Mother Nature a helping hand.

5 Natural Pest Control Solutions for Your Home This Season

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No one wants to live with a pest infestation. However, choosing harsh chemical pesticides is not always an attractive solution. Check out these 5 natural pest control solutions that will rid your home of pests without the fear of harming your home or the environment.

1. Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous earth is a powder made up of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. It is a natural substance that actually exists in many of our grain-based foods but is deadly to many types of pests.

Smart Technology: The Key to a More Energy Efficient Life

Smart technology has transformed, and is continuing to transform, modern life in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Most modern technology is created with the purpose of making our lives more efficient—getting from A to B quicker, being able to do more on your phone, cleaning the house more efficiently—so it is only natural that there would eventually be technology available that would help us to live more energy efficient lives. Here are just a few of the ways in which technology is helping us give our homes an eco-friendly makeover.

5 Tips for a Greener Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in our homes. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, updating major appliances, or ready to start using eco-friendly, sustainable kitchen practices, there are many ways you can have a “greener” kitchen. Green kitchen practices include saving water and energy, recycling, choosing eco-friendly kitchen products, and using natural cleaning products without chemicals.

10 Things You Can Repurpose That You'd Typically Toss

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Empty toilet paper rolls used to store wires

Recycling has grown in popularity in recent years. Municipalities have made it even easier by offering curbside recycling. Still, some people prefer to do even more to help the environment. They are finding creative ways to reuse items that could otherwise be thrown away or recycled.

Here are some items that can be repurposed for other uses:

Toilet paper rolls = organization tool for extra cables and cords

The Importance of Being Green-Minded

Taking care of the Earth is something that is an individual and collective responsibility of everyone that inhabits it. The Earth takes care of us, we need to start taking care of it. Something that not a lot of people know, is that there are a lot of very influential people and companies that have started going green. Here are a few of the biggest contributors to our green world:



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