Going Green

Rethinking Green Home Remodeling

Concern and greater public awareness about the environment is becoming more mainstream in the home remodeling and residential construction industry. However, greater concern does not necessarily translate into a better environment. Nor is going green a matter of just buying green products.

If you're serious about doing a green home remodeling project or constructing a new home, you've got to consider the entire picture. This includes the:

Inexpensive Formica Countertops for Garage Storage Cabinets

Lowes Home Improvement and Home Depot have very inexpensive stock Formica countertops. Your can cut these yourself and save money. When you do home remodeling, don't get hung up on what everyone says. Be open to new ideas and materials like Lowes and Home Depot's in stock Formica counter tops. These come in a variety of colors and are fine for garages, sheds, storage areas and even basement kitchens if you are on a budget. In another article, we described reusing our old kitchen cabinets in our garage.

Reusing Kitchen Cabinets in Home Remodeling Project

Don't trash your old kitchen cabinets. Instead consider using them in your garage, storage area or in a basement kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling projects usually go down three distinct paths:
  • Replacing all of existing cabinets with brand new cabinets,
  • Giving your existing kitchen cabinets a face lift with paint, new trim and/or hardware, and
  • Prefacing your cabinet doors and exposed areas.
New Cabaco Kitchen Cabinets in new kitchen


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