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5 Stylish Organizing Ideas for Winter Outdoor Gear

After hitting the slopes everyone needs a place to store their winter outdoor gear. Depending on your homes’ style and size, it may not always be easy to safely store your ski equipment. There are easy ways to implement safety, convenience and style to your storage choices. Stocking your winter outdoor gear, such as skis, snowboards, boots, batons, and helmets, in a preserved, minimum waste zone is always important. The common storage areas are the home and garage. Here are 5 organizing ideas to explore for these two common equipment deposits. 

In-Home Wall Racks

All about The Glasses-Free 3-D TV

The ability to display graphics in three dimensions has made 3 dimensional TV such a treat for eyes whether watching content or playing video games. 3D TV creates true to life models as images seem to pop out and you get a feeling that you are right in the middle of the action. However those expensive heavyweight 3D glasses were a killjoy and took all the fun out of the 3D watching. Now advanced technology has taken care of this problem by introducing “passive 3D TV”.

Remodeling in the Cloud

Many of you have heard of cloud computing while others may be thinking what does that have to do with Remodeling? The answer is plenty. One thing that is overlooked in remodeling is the paper work it generates. You will literally find yourself awash with bills, sketches, proposals, spreadsheets, photos, new contacts and of course emails. Getting organized and being able to access your materials from any gadget or place is no longer something cool, but often a necessity if you are to retain your sanity and complete the project.

Don’t buy a Flat Screen TV without checking with LCDTV.net

If you’re like me and are thinking about buying a new Flat Panel television, you are more than likely to check out a website that tests and rates gadgets. There are plenty around, but sometimes the ratings provided by the magazines and websites are not as helpful. You may also have more questions. Enter LCDTV.net.

LCDTV.net is an online magazine dedicated to LCD TVs. It’s goals are to educate and help you find the best LCD TV for your particular needs. It does this by:

Have you seen a difference in Home Depot and Lowes Customer Service?

In recent months I've noticed two things about Home Depot and Lowes in the Washington DC area. First, the stores are less crowded....no big surprises there.

The second is that Home Depot and Lowes Associates are at the front of every aisle at certain times of the day and are very eager to help customers. Perhaps we customers are in such short supply that we're valued more than we were before.

Day after Christmas Sales a must for Decorating Your Home

One of the most well kept secrets are the Day after Christmas Sale held by furniture and home furnishing stores like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Container Store and Renovation Hardware. The sales generally run until the New Year and regular items are deep discounted, some greater than 50 percent off. We expect pretty sizable discounts given the poor state of the economy. Last year we bought a great 8 foot x 10 foot rug for $100. It required some cleaning which we did ourselves. The original price was $599.


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