What is a Pergola?

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While gazebos and arbors are both very popular outdoor structures for homes and parks alike, pergolas are also quite a popular choice. A pergola differs from a gazebo and an arbor in that it is typically larger, may feature actual columns in place of simple posts, and often has a roof, but open sides. Additionally, a typical pergola differs in that it is not always constructed for use as a place for people to sit; instead, it may be designed for the sole purpose of supporting growing vines, as well as providing shade for sensitive plants that may be grown underneath it.

4 Ultimate Gardening Trends To Create Your Own Green Paradise

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With the negative impact of modern lifestyle and global warming on the rise, more and more people are now looking at gardens as not only a personal haven to retreat and relax, but also as a medium of endless environmental benefits. Gardens not only add to the aesthetic charm of your home, but also give you something to look forward to during your free time and weekends! So whether you're a gardening enthusiast or not, following are five awesome gardening trends that you need to know about, before you go on to create your green haven.

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5 Things to Consider Before You Start Landscaping Your Dream Yard

Working on your home's landscaping project can seem a tad overwhelming, especially when you think of all the various factors and considerations that need to be kept in mind. However, as long as you know exactly what you want and what you need to work on, and as long as you have your landscape designer by your side to help you work through the various considerations, you are pretty much sorted. Following are five essential factors you need to consider in order to have the yard you've always dreamt of.


Top Reasons Not To Have A Garden – And How To Get Over Them

Not Maintaining the Lawn

When looking around properties, most of us will think of a garden as a great bonus and selling point – whether we’re renting or buying. However what many people in the market for a new home don’t realise is that there are also a lot of downsides when it comes to living somewhere with a garden; you might just find it’s worth reconsidering.

5 Tips to Improve Your Garden

There are few nicer home additions than gardens. Whether you have a small garden behind your suburban house or a sprawling garden surrounding your countryside home, you know that gardens can be a nature haven and the most peaceful area in your home. Gardens, while extremely beautiful, are often very practical as well. But gardeners are always looking for ways to improve. So how can you do this?  Here are five tips for improving your garden:

Plant Crops in the Middle, Flowers on the Outside

4 Tips to Transform Your Backyard for the Summer

We all know how intense summers can get. Taking a trip to an exotic place would be nice during this time of the year, but it’s also very expensive. Why can’t anything ever be affordable? It looks like you’re stuck indoors for the season. Don’t sulk. It’s not all that bad. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s the worst. What are you supposed to do, play board games for the next few months? I have a better idea. Why not bring your holiday destination to your backyard? Then you can spend every summer at home without being bored to death.


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