31 Aug

1.8 million customers still have no electricity after Hurricane Irene

Published by Enviroman

Over 5.9 million customers from North Carolina to Maine were affected by Hurricane Irene.  As of noon, about 70% of the customers have had their power restored. However, 1.8 million customers still are without electric service. Most of the damage was done to power lines. Currently 14 high voltage power lines are out of service.

How to Shop for Ceiling Fans

Published by Millennial1 on August 30, 2011 - 5:30pm

The best approach to use when shopping for a ceiling fan is to know the heights of your ceilings. That's especially important when your ceiling height is 8 feet or less. Armed with that information, the first thing you should be doing is determining the height of the ceiling fan blades from the floor. How come you ask? Because most building codes require that the blades be 7 feet above the floor to avoid injury to most people.

Prepping Your Home for Fall & Winter Heating

Published by JJANNE on August 25, 2011 - 1:34pm

It’s hard to believe, but the end of summer is upon us and fall is creeping up, looming just around the corner. In fact, the very first official day of fall is now officially less than 1 month away. And, while fall usually doesn’t require us to do a whole lot in terms of our homes, it is the opportune time to take advantage of the mellow weather to start prepping our homes for the impending winter weather ahead.

25 Jul

Is EPA fracking crazy?

Published by Enviroman

Why is it that every time the U.S. develops techniques to extract oil or natural gas to cushion us from the foreign energy sources that we have to go into a tizzy. That's exactly what the EPA is doing at the request of Congress over horizontal drilling and fracking which is used to release natural gas from rich shale deposits in the U.S. Are the politicians and environmental groups just trying to kill another source of domestic fuel? I have to wonder because there is no energy source in the U.S. that has the blessing of any national or global energy group.

25 Jul

FPL replaces older generators- reduces CO2 by half

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Florida residents can now look forward to lower power costs and cleaner air thanks to Florida Power & Light. The utility took another step on the road to becoming a greener utility too. The company will replace old oil/gas power generators with new units. The new generators will cut carbon dioxide emissions in half, produce 90% fewer air emissions and use about 33% less fuel for each megawatt-hour of power produced.

21 Jul

North Dakota oil wells flare natural gas at 35 percent of production

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Most people don't think of North Dakota when it comes to oil, but that is changing rapidly. Right now the State's is flaring (burning) natural gas at almost 35 percent of it's oil producing wells. Energy companies are racing to build gas infrastructure to collect that gas and transport it to consumers.

05 Jul

Utilities add 781 MW of solar power to U.S. grid

Published by Enviroman

Everyone knows that solar energy is the way to go, but the costs and effort to build projects is a challenge. A combination of Federal and State investment tax credits and State Renewable Energy Portfolio requirements have encourage electric utilities to take the plunge. It's only 781 megawatts of capacity, but at least things are moving beyond California when when it comes to solar.

05 Jul

Redefining "Drill Baby Drill" in the natural gas industry

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"Drill Baby Drill" was a war cry in the last election and has continued despite the problems with offshore oil drilling. However, the it has shift onshore. Forget about your notions of a vertical well too. Horizontal drilling was up 30 percent from a year ago and is responsible for increase domestic production of natural gas that will benefit the U.S. economy and home owners.

29 Jun

Stationary solar panels 8 times more efficient now

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We've always said that the only way that solar energy is going to adopted by people is by reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency that sunlight is converted to electricity. While solar thermal electricity systems aren’t a new idea, they typically involve vast arrays of movable mirrors that track the sun and focus its rays on a small area. The new approach uses flat, stationary panels similar to traditional solar panels, eliminating the need for tracking systems. The original post is from the International Society of  Automation's (ISA) website Hope you enjoy the article.

Will U.S. capitalize on its large natural gas field finds?

Published by Enviroman on June 27, 2011 - 12:15pm

Three of the world’s top five gas fields are now in the United States. That's good news for our energy security, stable prices and the economy. It also presents an opportunity to take control of our energy future and lose our dependende from foreign oil. Here’s why.

The United States has moved into a commanding position in world’s largest natural gas fields. It now holds the second, third and fourth positions. This came about with the discovery in the last 6 years with development of the: