Three Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

As summer turns to fall, you will begin to feel a chill in the air, leading you to start thinking about the even chillier air that is coming soon after that. Winter brings many delights to a lot of people, but one aspect of the season - paying your heating bill - is not one of those things. There are some very basic and simple ways to cut your heating bill that you may not think of.

The Big Energy Myth about Drill Baby Drill

Many people firmly believe that "Drill Baby Drill" is the answer to our reliance on oil and the associated high price of gasoline. What a bunch of horse manure! Where is it written that drillers in the U.S. have to sell their oil to U.S. customers? Think about it for a second. We live in a capitalist state and oil flows to those who are willing and able to pay for it. So even if we develop our domestic oil reserves, it doesn't necessarily mean that gasoline prices will decline or that we will have more of it to go around. Have some doubts?

Is Renewable Energy on the Ropes now that natural gas is so cheap?

Renewable energy has hit a speed bump in the U.S. and its name is natural gas. This fuel is a favorite among power generators. That's because prices are at all time lows, its plentiful and found in shale formations in the U.S. When solar and wind projects have to compete against natural gas powered power plants investors lean toward the natural gas units.

That's how it is currently, but some savvy folks are looking at Real Estate Investment Trust and Master Limited Partnerships to finance renewables.

Why Renewables don't fair well

Top Picks for Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Our top ceiling fans all have a modern twist to them. they are sleek, efficient and won't break the bank either. They include: 1) Minka Aire Concept I and II fans for wet or dry conditions 2) Minka Aire Flyte fan 3) Casablanca Isotope Fan and 4) Emerson Curva.

Minka Aire Concept I and II Ceiling Fans

We used Minka Aire Concept I 52 inch fans for bedrooms and are very happy with them. They are quite energy efficient, and come with a light and remote. These fans are available in several colors too. The Concept II is the smaller 44 inch version.

How Efficient is Your Furnace - Signs it’s Time for a Service Call

You simply aren't crazy about paying for someone to come into your home and do what you can probably fix yourself. But the problem is that you have no knowledge whatsoever about furnaces. So what do you need to know? How efficient is your furnace? Signs it’s time for a service call will show up sooner or later. It's important to learn what signaling a furnace makes when it is in need of repair or replacement.

Cities put the squeeze on shale gas production in Texas

Because the U.S. has relatively abundant water resources, most people don't associate extracting natural gas and power generation with water use. However, the energy industry relies heavily on water to extract natural gas from shale formations and to cool power plants. For example, fracking a single natural gas well in Texas generally takes 3-4 million gallons of water. In very tight shale formations in Texas, 13 million gallons of water, enough to supply the cooking, washing and drinking needs of 240 adults for an entire year, are required.


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