When Electric Space Heaters make sense

As winter kicks in, you may be thinking of purchasing a space heater to take the chill out of the air in your workshop, garage or even your family’s main gathering place. You won’t be alone. According the Department of Energy, an estimated 3 million households in the United States rely on space heaters as their primary method of heating. An additional 4 million households use space heaters for supplemental heating.

MIT Study on Electric Grid suggest the obvious

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Study on the Future of the Electric Grid shows that with new policies, U.S. electric grid could handle expected influx of electric cars and wind and solar generation. However, implementing some policies will be hard work and totally upset the way electric power is managed and reguated in North America.

Is EPA toying with Electricity Reliability?

Is the EPA about to leave Americans in the dark?

That’s the charge from the agency’s critics, who claim a soon-to-be-issued mercury rule for utilities will shut down enough power plants to make reliable electric service a thing of the past. EPA supporters, meanwhile, call the argument a scare tactic from those trying to protect outdated coal-fired power plants.

Working-Student Tips for Winter “Green” Savings

While environmentally responsible lifestyles tend to be intrinsically driven, there are some tangible benefits for which even the most altruistic person can feel smug. For those ambitious types striking out for a college degree after they’ve started a family or entered the full-time workforce, green living has its own reward when you’re completing your online education.

Shale Gas Revolution by David Brooks

I found this great article in the New York Times by OP-Ed columnist David Brooks. It really captures many of the themes that I have been talking about for years with respect to energy and the environment. It pits energy against the environment, but as my fellow writers like Live Ammo will tell you in a future post the stakes are a great deal higher. Nevertheless we think the article is a good read for all of you homeowners who care about this country and we we are heading.

Hawaii Electric wants proposals for 200 megawatts wind energy

Hawaiian Electric Co. Inc. is seeking proposals for at least 200 MW of renewable energy projects for Oahu, Hawaii. The company is seeking these proposals after the Hawaii Public Utility Commission rejected the company's proposed new deal for the Big Wind project and ordered the utility to open a competitive bidding process.

The Future of Energy: Utility companies helping consumers save energy rather than consume it

According to consulting giant McKinsey & Company, energy efficiency stands to make giant strides in the next 10 years especially in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Europe. That’s because showing consumers how to save energy is becoming the growing mantra of utility companies. 


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