Residential Natural gas bills in U.S. declining

Great news for U.S. consumers. Residential natural gas bills continued to decrease mainly because the wholesale price of natural gas in the U.S. has continued to slide. The reason that the price of wholesale natural gas is declining is because of huge shale natural gas finds in the U.S. and warmer weather. U.S. consumers are in great shape compared to people in Europe and Asia where wholesale prices are two times and three times the price of natural gas in the U.S. The biggest reason why natural gas prices are lower in the U.S. is becauses there are hundreds of producers compared to a few in Europe and Asia. Think Russia and Norway, which supply natural gas via long pipelines

Not So Obvious Reasons for High Gasoline Prices in the U.S.

Think high gasoline prices and you can ramble off a number of reasons: Iran's nuclear program and threats of war in the Persian Gulf, speculators jacking up the price, greedy oil companies and the current administration not allowing companies to drill. You'd be right about Iran and speculators, but miss the boat when it comes to the real reason--lack of oil pipelines to supply refineries.  

What you should know before you replace your windows

Replacing windows can be a difficult ordeal, especially if you don’t know what you are getting or doing. However, this task can be largely simplified if you just know what to look for in replacement windows. This article will go through all the major things you need to know, so you don’t end up with the wrong windows for your needs.

Getting it right: why the NRC Chairman said "No" to a Nuclear Power Plant

Four of the five commissioners at the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Commission voted to approve the first new nuclear power plant reactors in a generation on Thursday February 9, 2012. However, NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko voted against the Vogtle license.  He alone wanted a binding commitment from Southern Company that it would make safety changes prompted by the March 2011 nuclear disaster in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Japan. Are you saying to yourself "What's wrong with that?"

We wandered what was really behind Chairman Jaczko’s ‘No” vote and so we dove into the NRC’s site to find out. What we came up with is quite unbelievable and alarming. The NRC’s Chairman wrote a 12 page dissent that details why he did not vote “yes”. What it boils down to is that he wanted the license for the Vogtle project to contain a license condition that would require Southern Company to implement safety changes that come out of the Japanese nuclear accident review.

Facebook and Twitter can play vital role in electricity-natural gas disaster planning

Generating electricity these days will increasingly depend on adequate and affordable supplies of natural gas. That's because electric power generators are using more natural gas then coal. Luckily, the U.S. has plenty of natural gas and most of it is on shore in shale formations. There is also a good network of pipelines to transport the gas where it is needed. That's the good news.

Electricity Bills go up while wholesale electricity prices tank

U.S. households paid a record $1,419 on average for electricity in 2010, making it the fifth consecutive year electricity costs increased above the inflation rate according to U.S. Today. That translates into $300 more a year than American families paid 5 years ago. While you may think that the price of everything is going, the sad truth is that wholesale electricity prices have been declining drastically in the last 5 years. Does this make any sense?

Money Saving Tips for Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year, particularly when it comes to finances. Not only do you have to worry about buying gifts and arranging festive celebrations, you also have to contend with bad weather, increased heating costs, and the difficulty of stocking up on food during a season when everyone in the world seems to be buying in enough supplies to stock a nuclear bunker for 40 years. 

The following money saving tips will help you to trim down your seasonal spending to more manageable levels:

Electricity and Natural Gas Prices lowest in 10 years

Although the economy is mediocre at best, at least natural gas and electricity prices are at their lowest levels in 10 years. Since the U.S. is relying on natural gas to produce more electricity, it follows that electric prices follow natural gas prices. The low natural gas prices are due to mild early winter temperatures in most of the U.S., strong natural gas production primarily from shale gas, and high storage levels in the ground that can be called upon. Even if the weather gets very cold, that storage should see us through.


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