Electricity Calculator: Prices vs. Environmental Quality- Part 4

Now that you have read about how electricity and natural gas prices are affected and formed, it's time to use your knowledge. You'll use an Electricity Calculator to do that. What you will find out is that electricity prices and environmental quality are strongly related. In other words, electricity production by fossil fuels like coal, biomass (wood waste), petroleum and natural gas (relatively clean compared to coal) produces carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. In contrast, nuclear power plants produce no carbon or green house gases.

Getting paid to use less Electricity and Natural Gas

Demand Response and Advanced Metering programs now allow you to earn some money for reducing your electricity and natural gas consumption just like the big companies do. The programs also have the following benefits:
  • Enhance the reliability of the electric system,
  • Reduce additional power purchases and individual consumer costs,
  • Delay the construction of power plants and transmission lines which is good for the environment, and
  • Don't require a drastic change in lifestyle.


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