Are solar tents in our future? The US Army thinks so

Our friends at MartiferSolar Martifer Solar USA pointed out that the United States Army uses solar tents! Very cool. Read about flexible solar photo voltaic technology at

If you live in the Los Angeles area or Southern California and are interested in exploring and doing solar energy in your home or business, give MartiferSolar Martifer Solar USA a call.

Is the Casablanca DC Stealth ceiling fan worth the price? has just introduced the 2011 DC Stealth ceiling fan from Casablanca Fan Company. The DC Steatlth is the fan of choice for those who are looking for the most energy efficient high quality ceiling fan money can buy. At $559.00 it should be the answer if you want a contemporary looking fan.

Modern living technology- The science of window blinds

The old style Venetians and blinds did a good job in the past, but it wasn’t until modern science came along that people started doing qualitative analyses of exactly what blinds were capable of doing. Modern window blinds are technically a long way from their origins, and it’s worth a look to see how your blinds can improve your home environment.

5 Ways to Make your Windows More Energy Efficient

Windows are a vital and beautiful part of any house. They let in the light and let us enjoy the views around our homes. But as integral as they are to our quality of life, without the right precautions they can also be a drain on our energy bills. Fortunately, there are some steps everyone can take to ensure that our windows aren’t leaking energy.

Energy Star Products

Renewable energy- a lot of talk but fossil fuel still rules

Power output from nonhydropower renewable energy resources rose to 4.1% of total U.S. generation in 2010. That's up from 3.7% in 2009. If you include hydropower then renewables account for 10 percent of power generation. So despite the popularity of renewables, the electric power landscape is still rules by natural gas, coal and nuclear power plants.

Emerson has the most efficient EnergyStar fans

Online Ceiling Fan retailer has just introduced 2 more Super Efficient Eco ceiling fan styles from Emerson. The new fans are Are nearly 400% more Efficient! These new fans, the Avant ECO and the Carrera Grande ECO, are the most efficient ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans ever having passed the EPA efficiency test with whopping scores over 345 Watts/CFM on high speed.

Solar and Natural Gas Hybrid Plant provide Florida juice

Florida Power & Light’s 75-megawatt (MW) Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center finally started operating after we reported on it in June 2010. This is the world’s second-largest solar plant. The solar facility, formally dedicated in March 2011, is located right next to FPL’s 3,824-MW gas-fired power plant near Indiantown, Fla. This solar and natural gas facility really makes sense. When the sun doesn't shine, the facility relies on natural gas to produce electricity. Whe the sun does shine, the solar plant produces more poewr and FPL can use less natural gas.

Will Nuclear Power get thrown under the bus because of Japan?

Given the damage and destruction to Japanese nuclear power plants form the earthquake and tsunami, we wondered what fuels would Japan look to and how that might affect energy prices in other parts of the world, especially the U.S. We also wonder if the general public will throw nuclear power under the bus or make it so expensive that not another new plant is ever constructed.


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