Have You Been Paying Too Much for Your Energy?

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There probably isn’t anyone in the UK who would say they are pleased with their monthly energy bill. And why should they? Almost every month, it seems that the bills keep getting bigger. The trend is certainly accelerating this winter, as our weather has been fairly harsh and everyone has to use more energy to heat their homes, offices and factories. Is it just the sign of the times, or is there something afoot? There are those in Parliament who think that the Big Six energy providers are actually inflating prices, partly to generate greater profits, partly due to poor buying decisions.

How to Save Energy at Home in Day to Day Life

Conserving energy is the need of the hour, with precious resources on our planet being depleted by the second. Green or environmentally friendly living is no longer just an option you may wish to indulge in but a pressing need and a lifestyle choice that everyone must play their part in. When people usually think of green living they imagine communes in the hills or wide open farmlands that are neither practical nor feasible. They fear giving up certain aspects of their life that they are used to. But this is need not be the case.

5 Ways To Save Money by Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

When it comes to owning a home, it can seem after a while that you're doing nothing but spending money. Expenses can quickly start stacking up, and you're left constantly in the red financially. If this is the type of situation you've found yourself in, here are several important tips that help you get your home and finances back in order, with or without a small wind turbine kit.


Money Saving Heating Ideas


Keeping your home warm during the freezing winter weather can be a challenge. If you are tired of your heating bill skyrocketing out of control, it is important to make a few changes around the home to prevent heat from escaping. Here are some money saving heating ideas to follow if you want to cut your energy bill in half, while staying warm.

Upgrade the Thermostat

Solar Panels: Should You Lease or Buy?

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Rising energy costs are forcing many homeowners to look for alternative methods to power their homes and a growing number are turning to solar panels to provide an affordable source of energy. Advancements in the field of solar technology have led to solar panels becoming far more efficient, and they can now be purchased much more cheaply than when they were first rolled out to the public. However, the cost of installing a home solar system is still several thousands of dollars, and the initial cost can make them unattainable to the average homeowner.

A Battle of Titans: Fracking Versus Nuclear

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As the world’s population grows and many of the major economies around the world are slowly coming out of the recessionary hangover that they have experienced over the last several years, the question about energy sources is becoming more and more important. Different countries have tackled the issue in different ways, all of them trying to come up with long-term solutions that will provide plenty of power for their local economy without having to rely on outside sources. Here in the UK, the two most controversial solutions are fracking and nuclear power.

Solar Popularity: Why This Type of Energy is Getting More Popular

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There is a wide array of reasons why solar energy is becoming more popular as we head deeper into the twenty-first century. Perhaps most importantly—it works. Homeowners and business owners alike have discovered that investing in a solar system saves them money over time—enough money to recoup the outlay for their system and its installation. Still, solar is increasing throughout the nation and even throughout the globe as more and more people become acquainted with how it works and how it saves them money.

Solar is Simple

To Tank or Not to Tank: What You Need to Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Though they have been popular in countries like the United Kingdom and Japan for years, tankless water heaters are only just beginning to pop up in the United States. Yet their growth in the US has been quite rapid. You can certainly expect to see a large number of these devices in American homes in the near future.

Home Energy Audit: The First Step in Energy Savings

Improving the comfort of a home tends to be high on everyone's priority list. The goal is to make the home a place where every member can relax and enjoy the environment and atmosphere. Just like anything else, it takes work and effort to get everything set up. Homeowners look for the right furniture, the right decorations and even the right flooring to set their space apart from the rest. But how many look into a home energy audit to increase the comfort of their homes? Aside from the way a home looks, it is important to make sure that it feels comfortable too.


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