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The Most Common Gas Fireplace Parts that Needs Replacement

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The weather and the seasons these days can be quite tricky. Of course, global warming has come upon the world. With this comes the extreme heat, and the extreme cold—precisely all of the extremes we are experiencing. But because the human beings are naturally adaptable to their surroundings and not to mention naturally curious, we have yet again found a way to cool or warm up ourselves.

Switching to Gas

You think that natural gas is better than regular electricity. Unfortunately, you bought a house that is entirely electric. Before you get discouraged it is important to know that it is possible to remodel your home to be a gas-based (or at least gas-enhanced) home. Here is how you do it:

Double Check Availability

Furnace Maintenance: Skimp Now and You’ll Pay Later

Whoever said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” must have been talking about my furnace. I decided to skip the yearly furnace maintenance last fall, opting to spend that $100 on something else. Last winter – New Year’s Day to be exact—my furnace quit working. The outside temperature was a balmy 7 degrees and the house quickly became very, very cold.

Save Money- Weatherproof Your Home

There are many reasons to check your home and perform routine maintenance. If you own a home, or even if you are renting but have an absent landlord, you can save energy and money by making your house resistant to the effects of bad weather, especially rain. We call this weatherproofing. It is important to do annually, as houses shift and change with time. It can help you cut down on gas and electricity bills from heating and air conditioning, and keep your home secure from outdoor pathogens that may cause extra dust and allergies.

Money Saving Tips for Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year, particularly when it comes to finances. Not only do you have to worry about buying gifts and arranging festive celebrations, you also have to contend with bad weather, increased heating costs, and the difficulty of stocking up on food during a season when everyone in the world seems to be buying in enough supplies to stock a nuclear bunker for 40 years. 

The following money saving tips will help you to trim down your seasonal spending to more manageable levels:

Prepping Your Home for Fall & Winter Heating

It’s hard to believe, but the end of summer is upon us and fall is creeping up, looming just around the corner. In fact, the very first official day of fall is now officially less than 1 month away. And, while fall usually doesn’t require us to do a whole lot in terms of our homes, it is the opportune time to take advantage of the mellow weather to start prepping our homes for the impending winter weather ahead.

Ambient Devices help reduce electricity and natural gas consumption- Part 2

We presented evidence on how color can convey information in Part 1 of our ambient devices article. We now will discuss how ambient devices are used in Utility Demand Response Programs and how you can use them if there's no program where you live.

Ambient Energy Orbs used in Demand Response Programs

Ambient Devices help reduce electricity and natural gas consumption- Part 1

Color conveys a great deal of information to us everyday. It can even provide enough information to tell us when it pays to conserve energy.

The newspaper accounts and rumors are all true. Some utilities will actually pay you to conserve electricity and natural gas. However, you have to enroll in their Demand Response and Advanced Metering programs. But what can you do if your utility doesn't have a program or is no longer accepting people?

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